Comic-Con 2010 In Under 6 Minutes [Video]

Screen Rant at Comic-Con 2010

Every year, San Diego Comic-Con is defined by a single event, typically a film panel. But it is so much more than the panels that fill up Hall H and Ballroom 20 every day. The sights, sounds and smells are just as distinctive as any memorable moment on a stage. One walk through the show floor and you'll see superheroes from all walks of life and memorabilia for all kinds of wallets.

We saw plenty of everything during the Con and tried to catch it all on camera. While the event that may come to define this year's Comic-Con outside of entertainment was a stabbing in Hall H, we did not record it during or after. There was plenty on stage to keep us busy.

I've cut together the best footage from all four days and separated them into three "acts." We kick it off with the strange cosplay that overwhelms you when you step foot in the convention center. Then you'll find the sights and sounds of the show floor and surrounding areas of the Con. Last is a compilation of the official events, from interviews and panels to the historic Avengers cast announcement. I even captured the other historic moment - Harrison Ford's first steps on a Comic-Con stage.

Here is your chance to see it all through the lens of my camera.


There really is nothing quite like Comic-Con. If you get an opportunity to attend, take it immediately. All you need to do is roam the floors to experience it, but the reason I went was to see the panels and report on them. Luckily, the entire Screen Rant crew got a chance to see all of the Con in one way or another.

Check our the rest of our Comic-Con coverage and catch up on all the stories.

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