Comic-Con '08: Battlestar Galactica Panel

First off, the moderator was filmmaker Kevin Smith.

The attendees for the panel for Battlestar Galactica included Jamie Bamber, Michael Trucco, Katee Sackhoff, James Callis, Tricia Helfer, creator Ron Moore and producer David Eick.  Tahmoh Penikett showed up about halfway through it.

There were a few things that blew the audience away.

One was Katee Sackhoff.

The general consensus of the male population around my section was that they had no clue Sackhoff was that hot!

And the preview stunned us into excited murmuring.

The preview was a standard clip that we might see on the Sci-Fi Channel sooner or later.  It covers some past scenes, but takes a look forward and some of the snippets were just awe-shock inspiring for me.  We see Adama and Roslyn making out, we see Roslyn asking Adama if he's a Cylon, we see Adama tied to what looks like an executioners stake in a launch bay, blindfolded.  Need I say more?  There was more, but that's what really stuck in my craw.

What we learned from the panel was that the final episode wrapped 3 weeks before the Comic-Con event.

I love the way Kevin Smith put it about the end of the mid-season finale:  The humans get to Earth and get a big F*-you!  (He wasn't using frak by the way.)

It's not the most happy-go-lucky 10 episodes in Battlestar Galactica.

We find out that Michael Trucco was originally going to be in a few episodes, but by virtue of the television lottery, he became part of the permanent history of the show.

James Callis reference to his character's sexual appetite was to say:  "In an American mindset, bad guys get more tail." and he loves the idea of his character being worshiped.  I was wondering if he's still in character?

When the panel was asked about some of their favorite moments from the show:

Bamber liked the scene where he was floating in space.

Trucco and a few others like when the Galactica dropped through the atmosphere (That was an incredible scene of raw, gravitational physics tearing away at the battered battlestar as it dropped through the planets atmosphere.  I went on about that one for days!)

Sackhoff:  When she gets to shoot 2 guns.  (Notice the lack of past tense here?)  She also noted that 2 is always better than one... with a most interesting smirk on her face.

Ron Moore:  When Gaius put his head on the presidential desk, then lifted it up one year later.

David Eick:  Watching Starbuck and No. 6 in their big fight.  He also joked that they had a backup plan for that fight scene if the ratings were an issue.  Add jello.

Moore said the only clue we get to the final Cylon is that it's someone we've seen before, who's been on the screen before.  Great, here we go again!  I started some trouble on a post about who might be the final Cylon back in April.

Sackhoff won't answer if she's the final Cylon.  She says she cant' confirm or deny her status, or if she lives or dies but does say that Kara finds peace with herself.  What would a tortured human do to be able to find peace with herself?

Bamber said the ending is utterly sublime.  Perfect.  It does everyone and everything justice.

Gads.  I hate them all.  (In a good way.)

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