15 Comic Book Storylines We Want From A Marvel & Fox Movie

Quicksilver - Evan Peters & Aaron Taylor-Johnson

The rumors of a deal between Twentieth Century Fox and Marvel Studios have been flying lately. Of course, this is something many of us would be extremely excited to see. It would mean that the Avengers and the X-Men could finally meet on the big screen, which would be amazing. Marvel Comics’ film rights are, in many ways, pretty complicated, with the rights being split between three studios. But with the recent Marvel/Sony team-up that allowed Spidey to appear in Captain America: Civil War, the possibility of a similar deal with Fox doesn’t seem completely far-fetched. The fact that Fox owns the rights to on-screen representations of the X-Men has been a bit of an elephant in the room for quite a while. But if the two studios manage to come to an agreement, the possibilities for storylines that could be brought to the big screen are practically endless. Here are a few that stand out most for us.

15 House of M

house of m marvel

It would be incredible to see a movie adaptation of this story. House of M starts with Scarlet Witch living in Genosha, where she’s having significant trouble controlling her reality-altering powers. Emma Frost and Wolverine argue that she must be killed to avoid the destruction her powers could cause if they get out of hand. The other X-Men and Avengers want to talk to Wanda before deciding, but Quicksilver lets Magneto in on the drama first. Wanda alters reality, giving everyone the lives they supposedly truly desire. Only Wolverine remembers what his life was like before, and sets out to get the others to remember, as well. Ultimately, Wanda winds up stripping most of the Mutants on Earth of their powers.

It’s an important event with wide-ranging implications for both the Avengers and the X-Men and it would be fantastic to see so many of our favorite characters united on screen. The real question is, which of the two Quicksilvers would win out?

14 Scarlet Witch as Magneto’s Daughter

Scarlet Witch Quicksilver and Magneto

This isn’t a storyline per se, but it would be really interesting to see how the studios handle the origin stories of both Wanda and Quicksilver. Of course, in the MCU, the twins gain their powers when they agree to undergo experiments conducted by HYDRA using the sceptre, which contains the Mind Stone. The sceptre is first introduced by Loki in the original Avengers movie. But in the comics, they are the children of Magneto. For the MCU version of Wanda, losing her parents in war was traumatic and impacts her deeply.

Maybe we could find out that Wanda was adopted, and that she was unaware that Magneto is her biological father? Maybe that could somehow have played into the powers she developed through the experiments? Suddenly finding her father could create an interesting conflict for her. On one hand, she’s an Avenger and Magneto is a villain– on the other, she would likely cling tightly to the prospect of family, after losing both her parents and her brother (assuming the studios go with the MCU version of Quicksilver).

13 The marriage and divorce of Storm and Black Panther

Storm and Black Panther marriage

With the Black Panther movie coming out next year, how great would it be to see an appearance from Storm?

In the comics, the two have quite a history. They meet and fall in love when they’re both very young, but they end their relationship because T’Challa is on a mission to avenge the death of his father, and because he needs to find himself, essentially, and grow into a proper leader of Wakanda. Later, he helps Ororo reunite with her family, and soon proposes. But, in Avengers vs. X-Men, Namor rains destruction down on Wakanda, which pretty much ruins the relationship between that country and the X-Men. While Storm genuinely cares about helping the Wakandan people rebuild, and says she never wanted any of it to happen, the events create a true power couple, and it would be fantastic to see a little on-screen chemistry between them and could give Storm a richer storyline than she had in any of the previous X-Men films.

12 Old Man Logan

Wolverine 3 - Hugh Jackman as R-rated Old Man Logan

So it looks like the Old Man Logan storyline is going to influence the upcoming Wolverine 3 movie. Still, it would be pretty fun to see a different on-screen take, one that could include characters from the MCU, as well. At the beginning of the story, we find Logan in a future where the country has been taken over by super villains, each ruling as warlords of their respective territories. He tries to take them out and then, in an All-New, All-Different event, ultimately goes back in time to prevent events from unfolding in such a way as to lead to that future.

There are a lot of things that would be great about seeing this on-screen. For starters, we’d get to see characters like Steve Rogers, Hawkeye, and Bruce Banner as old men. And when Logan goes back in time, he looks for Clint Barton to help him out, but finds Kate Bishop instead. And any story that prominently features Kate Bishop is good in our book. With appearances from various X-Men and Avengers, it would be a great choice for a crossover movie.

11 Onslaught

Onslaught from X-Men

Onslaught is a separate consciousness within Charles Xavier, created from the combination of Xavier’s repressed anger and Magneto’s negative emotions. During a battle, Magneto rips the adamantium out of Wolverine’s bones. This is the straw that breaks the camel’s back for Xavier, who has been tolerating a lot nonsense from Magneto until this point. Charles uses his powers to render Magneto catatonic. During their telepathic contact, Xavier’s repressed anger and frustration combine with Magneto’s negative emotions, and the result is Onslaught.

What would be really exciting about an Onslaught storyline is that, at one point, he kidnaps Franklin Richards, the son of Reed and Sue. The X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and the Avengers all go after him to try and save the boy. It would be pretty amazing to have a movie featuring all three teams. How great would it be to get to see Onslaught going up against Thor and the Hulk?

10 The Illuminati

Marvel Comics Illuminati New Avengers

The Illuminati is a group of leaders operating behind the scenes in some of the important events in the comics. It was formed after the Kree-Skrull war by Tony Stark, who realized that all of the leaders had information about the aliens beforehand, and if they’d combined what they knew, the could have stopped the war. Its members include Stark, Reed Richards, Namor, Black Bolt, and Charles Xavier.

The group has its hands in a number of major storylines. They meet before the events of Civil War, and Tony tries to convince them to come out in favor of superhero registration in order to avert conflict, but only Reed Richards sides with him. And it’s the Illuminati who banish the Hulk from Earth. This leads to the death of the Hulk’s pregnant wife and sparks the events of World War Hulk, when he returns to the planet seeking revenge. Any of these events would be cinematic gold, not to mention the pleasure of those powerful characters butt heads.

9 Mystique and Carol Danvers

carol danvers mystique

Carol and Mystique have clashed more than once over the years, and we’d love to see their adventures play out on the big screen. A superhero movie where both the main hero and villain are women would be pretty great. Mystique was actually first introduced in Ms. Marvel #16 back in 1978. Interestingly, it’s in part because of Mystique that Rogue had the chance to permanently absorb Carol’s memories and powers. When young Rogue runs away from home, she’s taken in by Mystique. Shortly thereafter, Rogue joins in her foster mother’s illegal activities and, as a result, finds herself up against Ms. Marvel. It’s at this point that she absorbs Carol’s powers.

With the Captain Marvel movie coming out in 2018, Carol will officially be a part of the MCU. So we don’t think it’s too much to hope that, if a Fox/Marvel deal comes to pass, the storyline for Captain Marvel’s sequel might feature Mystique.

8 Avengers Annual #10

avengers annual #10

Speaking of Rogue, this is where we first see her. Of course, a single issue wouldn’t be enough material to fill a full feature-length movie. But it could certainly lay out the premise for the film. It’s also where, as mentioned above, Rogue steals Carol’s powers. So it would be a great first act to a Carol/Mystique movie.

Although the Avengers win the day in the end, we get to see Rogue beat up the likes of Iron Man, Thor, and the Vision. And as if that weren’t enough, Carol recuperates from the attack by Rogue at Xavier’s school, so there would be opportunities for appearances from the X-Men, as well. Of course, the story, like many, would have to be tweaked a bit to fit in with the continuity of the movies. But we have confidence that it could be accomplished in a way that retains the awesomeness of the comic.

7 Utopia

This story stars the Dark Avengers and the X-Men. An anti-mutant group marches on San Francisco, and Norman Osborn calls for Scott Summers to step down from the X-Men. Osborn then releases the Dark Avengers to go after the X-Men, and events unfold from there.

The story culminates with an attack by the Dark X-Men and Dark Avengers on Utopia, a place reserved for mutants to live safe from persecution. It would be a fun story to see made into a movie because it features appearances from not only the X-Men and Dark Avengers, but also Namor, Dani Moonstar-- who’s apparently trying to regain her Valkyrie powers-- and in the aftermath of the main events, Clint Barton as Ronin.

What would really be fantastic is if we could get a Hawkeye movie where Clint hands the mantle over to Kate Bishop, then a Utopia movie where we see him as Ronin. And it would be fun to see how Norman Osborn is portrayed outside of a Sony movie. All in all, there are a lot of aspects of this movie that would be pretty interesting.

6 Avengers & X-Men: AXIS

Marvel Axis

In this storyline, Red Skull takes control of Xavier and Onslaught’s abilities, with the intention of using them to amass power on a global scale. The X-Men and Avengers come together to stop him. What’s fun about this story is that, due to some magic gone haywire, villains and heroes are reversed. So Magneto, Loki, Carnage, and others are suddenly good guys, while the Avengers and X-men are cast as villains.

The story has pretty important effects on other storylines, as well, like Loki: Agent of Asgard and Captain America, so there would be the opportunity for tie-ins to other movies. And, as a result of the reversal of roles, all kinds of stuff spins out of control. It’s admittedly a little fun to see how the characters react to the chaos. AXIS brings together a pretty wide range of characters, and gives us the chance to see many of them in a different light from what we’re used to.

5 Deadpool becomes an Avenger

Deadpool Avenger

In last year’s Avengers #0, Wade becomes an official Avenger. Steve Rogers himself gives him security clearance and an Avengers card. It’s really sweet, because Deadpool has felt basically rejected for quite a while, and it’s touching to see him being accepted in this way.  His feelings are, of course, reflected in his internal monologue. Leading up to Wade being offered Avengers membership, we see him working for Steve. He steals chemicals that could possibly help an ailing Rogue, and then is basically allowed into the club. It would be nothing short of amazing to see this on the big screen.

We would love to see Ryan Reynolds and Robert Downey Jr. exchanging snarky one-liners. If we got really lucky, maybe Hugh Jackman would even reprise his role as Wolverine one last time. The two appeared together in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but I think we’d all like to see the studios take another swing at it. There would be so much to love about this movie.

4 The Children’s Crusade

Marvel Children's Crusade

The basic premise is that everyone is looking for Scarlet Witch, and they all have their own reasons for doing so. Magneto is one of the ones trying to find her, which would make this storyline an interesting way to show her relationship with him on the big screen. If, as suggested above, the studios made the decision to make Wanda Magneto’s daughter in the movies after all, a storyline similar to this one could be an interesting way for her to find out.

It could also be a good choice for a movie because it features both the Avengers and Young Avengers, so if the MCU is looking for a way to pass the torch in Phase 4, this could be it. And, Luke Cage makes an appearance, so there’s the opportunity for crossovers with the television shows, which many fans would be extremely happy about. So all in all, it’s a storyline that has the potential for some interesting stuff on-screen.

3 Secret Wars

marvel secret wars

Essentially, the Secret Wars storyline revolves around the collision of the Marvel 616 universe and the Ultimate Marvel 1610 universe. Pieces of both are saved and combined to crate the Battleworld. Ultimately, Battleworld is made up of the remains of various realities that have been fused together and can interact, except for three that contain major threats and are walled off. The reality containing Battleworld comes to be known as Earth-15513.

This is a major event storyline, so it has the potential to be a pretty epic movie. As such, it involves characters pretty wide ranging characters, from Groot to the X-Men, Avengers, Inhumans, Doctor Doom, Loki, Miles Morales, the Thor Corps, and others. So anyone who loves on-screen crossovers would enjoy Secret Wars. Alternatively, because this storyline is a lot for one movie to tackle, it could potentially serve as the connecting thread for a new phase of Marvel movies, culminating in a final conflict, much the way Thanos and the Infinity Stones are doing now.

2 Avengers vs. X-Men

Avengers vs. X-Men fan trailer by Alex Luthor

The fighting between the two groups revolves around the return of the Phoenix Force, which is coming for Hope Summers. Ultimately, Hope and the Scarlet Witch use their powers to wish the Phoenix away. It’s in this storyline that the attack on Wakanda, which causes a rift between Black Panther and Storm, occurs, so there would be some fun crossover opportunities. Plus, Cyclops becomes Dark Phoenix, so seeing him in a different light would be interesting.

If you factor in the tie-ins, there are some pretty interesting fight scenes – like Iron Man going up against Magneto, Ben Grimm fighting Namor, Psylocke standing off with Daredevil, and Captain America fighting Gambit. Basically, it would be a fun movie because it feels a little like some of our favorite characters were tossed into a jar and shaken up. It would definitely be different from anything we’ve seen in the movies previously, and we’d enjoy seeing something new.

1 Civil War II

Marvel's Civil War II death explained

The premise of Civil War II is that a college student and Inhuman named Ulysses is exposed to the terrigen mist and gains the ability to see the future (or at least, versions of it). The question, then, is whether his visions should be acted upon. Tony Stark and his side argue that they should not, while Carol Danvers and her supporters say they should. Meanwhile, in Civil War II: X-Men, Magneto is none too happy about Ulysses’s powers. The terrigen mist kills mutants, and this naturally puts the mutants and Inhumans at odds. Magneto fears that Ulysses’s abilities will give the Inhumans the advantage, and he’s willing to go to war over it. This creates a division within the X-Men, with the battle lines being drawn between those who support Magneto and those who oppose him. There’s a lot to draw on here that we’d love to see in a movie, especially the ultimate face-off of the Iron Man, Captain Marvel, and Magneto camps.

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