Clark Kent and Lois Lane, Peter Parker and Mary Jane, Batman and Catwoman; Comic books are filled with iconic romantic pairings. Some, like those already mentioned, are as recognizable as literary pairings like Darcy and Elizabeth, Heathcliff and Catherine, or Romeo and Juliet (and often with the same tragic endings as those last two).  In the X-Men movies we watch Jean Grey and Scott Summers’s doomed romance from its simple beginnings to its tragic end. In the first Fantastic Four movies of this century, we saw the struggles of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman to maintain their romance while also trying to save the world. But for every one of these famous comic book romances we have seen on screen there are dozens more that will never make it into the MCU, the DCEU, or any cinematic universe.

Here are 15 Comic Book Romances We’ll Never See In Movies.

15. Tony Stark and Gamora

Gamora and Stark 15 Comic Book Romances Well Never See In Movies

What do you do when life just gets overwhelming and you need a break? If you are Tony Stark, you slap on a brand new set of armor and fly off into space to pal around with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Partly for some jokes at Tony’s expense and partly because Tony just wouldn’t be able to help himself, the writers decided that Tony and Gamora would enjoy a little quality time in between missions. It was a humorous exploit that showed our infamous ladies man in pain after getting wrecked by Gamora.

Even though both characters exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and both are set to show up in the Avengers: Infinity War, there’s no way we’re going to see anything but a few sparks (if that) between these characters. This movie will be so packed with characters that devoting any small amount of screen time to this, even as a joke, would take away from the larger story. Not to mention that the Gamora we’ve been introduced to on the big screen barely trusts Peter Quill; Tony Stark’s advances would most likely earn him an injury worse than he’s yet experienced, not to mention an audience of angry viewers on team #PepperPotts.

14. Superman and Wonder Woman

superman and wonderwoman 15 Comic Book Romances Well Never See In Movies

When DC Comics relaunched all of their comics a few years ago with the New 52, a lot of major changes occurred. Some of these changes were loved and others hated. One of the changes that had people spilt down the middle was breaking up Superman and Lois Lane and instead hooking him up with Wonder Woman. For some, it was a sacrilegious move. For others, it made sense to finally put him with someone as physically strong as he is. Kevin Smith wrote a scene in Mallrats about this exact topic back in 1995.

The reason we will never see these two get together on screen is because of what DC has already established in their cinematic universe. First off, Clark and Lois are already a fully committed couple, with Clark going so far to as to cause an international incident to save her. Secondly, Batman v Superman started to give us hints at a possible Batman and Wonder Woman thing. Of course, it is unlikely that we will see that romance on screen either considering we’ll have just been introduced to Steve Trevor in the Wonder Woman movie.  Yes, that movie will have been set a century before, but trying to get audiences to get behind both romances is a stretch.  The Batman/Wonder Woman pairing, if it progresses at all, will probably be more along the lines of what we see in Bruce Timm’s Justice League cartoon.  And Superman/Wonder Woman?  Not anytime soon.

13. Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde

Kitty and Starlord 15 Comic Book Romances Well Never See In Movies

For years, Kitty Pryde was the den mother to every new mutant who came to the Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. After years of struggle, loss, and betrayal, Kitty needed some time away from Earth. So just like Tony Stark, Kitty left the Earth and joined up with the Guardian. Seriously, did the Guardians operate like a summer camp for heroes from Earth?  Were there brochures? Anyway, unlike Tony hooking up with Gamora, Kitty went to space and joined the Guardians because she was actually trying to pursue a committed relationship with Peter Quill. It was a rocky relationship, yes, but one of the healthier ones portrayed in a comic universe. Both characters had faults, but they worked through them and eventually got engaged. Time will tell if they can make it in the comics, but sadly their romance is already doomed in the movie world.

There are a few reasons why we will never see this relationship on screen, but none of them really matter beyond this: Fox and Marvel are separate cinematic universes. Until those two get together, Peter and Kitty will never have a chance.

12. Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor

Scott and Madelyn 15 Comic Book Romances Well Never See In Movies

It is a tale as old as time: boy meets girl, girl gains cosmic god-like powers in space, girl gets placed into cocoon while god-like power masquerades as her before apparently being destroyed, boy gets sad, boy marries clone of original girl and starts family, original girl emerges from cocoon, boy leaves clone for original girl. Comics!

The love story of Scott Summers and Jean Grey is one that people familiar with the X-men movies know. What they may not know is that after Jean Grey allegedly dies (the first time) Scott meets Madelyne Pryor, a clone of Jean Grey and they fall in love and get married. Of course Jean wasn’t dead– she was just in a psychic cocoon for a few years, healing up after her ordeal in space. Throw in some time travel and goblins for good measure and this romance seems a bit crazy even for Fox.

Ultimately the biggest reason we will never see this relationship on screen is because Fox is building towards a Scott and Jean romance. They haven’t managed to get it right yet, but Fox isn’t a quitter. Besides there probably aren’t enough films left in the franchise before they reboot the series again to pull off this story.

11. Poison Ivy and Clayface

Ivy and Clayface 15 Comic Book Romances Well Never See In Movies

This is a romance that most people, even comic book fans, have never heard of. The characters by themselves are familiar to most people from Batman: The Animated Series, though plenty of people may remember Uma Thurman’s mind-numbingly bad version of Poison Ivy from the movie Batman & Robin too. Well, a few years ago, in a brutal tale of manipulation and betrayal, Poison Ivy and Clayface joined the ranks of comic book couples. Poison Ivy learns that she has the power to take control of Clayface, making him think they are in love. She manipulates him into doing her bidding under the guise of their love for each other. It isn’t until Batman snaps him out of it that Clayface realizes that he has been duped. Their fraudulent love affair ends with Clayface hurt and angry.

This is a romance that would be very interesting to see play out on screen. It takes a character normally seen as nothing more than a monster (Clayface) and humanizes him viciously. Sadly, with the middling performance of Suicide Squad, the odds of us seeing a villain-centric film like this is very unlikely. Even if DC were interested in taking another shot in an upcoming Batman film, Poison Ivy and Clayface are unlikely choices because of the heavy CGI required and the desire to stay as far away as possible from comparisons to the 1997 Batman & Robin.

10. Lady Sif and Beta Ray Bill

Bill and Sif 15 Comic Book Romances Well Never See In Movies

The romance between Lady Sif and Beta Ray Bill is one born in the glory of combat. Lady Sif is one of the greatest warriors to ever come out of Asgard. In some backstories, she is responsible for helping train Thor, since none of the palace guards would actually fight him without pulling their punches. Beta Ray Bill is the sole defender of the Korriban people, an alien race that had their home destroyed by Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds. In his first encounter with Thor, Bill was deemed worthy and managed to lift Mjolnir!

Both sides of this pair are both clearly heroes who are constantly defending those who cannot defend themselves. During an attempted invasion of Earth by the fire demon Surtur, Lady Sif and Beta Ray Bill were tasked with defending the people and planet at all costs. They were successful and during that time developed feelings for each other. Unfortunately for Bill, nothing ever came of it, since Sif’s relationship with Thor had begun to repair. To this day there is a strong connection between the two and, recently, when Lady Sif went off on her own adventures in the Journey into Mystery series, it was Bill that she asked to be by her side, not Thor.

Unfortunately for Bill, audiences probably are not ready to see a romance between him and Lady Sif. Mostly, because the first two Thor movies have been foreshadowing a possible Sif/Thor relationship in the upcoming Thor: Ragnorak, but also because audiences might not want to watch Jaime Alexander kissing a CGI horse-faced creature.

9. Magneto and Rogue

Magneto and Rogue 15 Comic Book Romances Well Never See In Movies

Age is a funny thing in comics. To most people familiar with the X-Men movies, Magneto is an old man and Rogue is a teenage girl. In the comics, even though Rogue is a little older, this was still essentially true, until Magneto was turned young again. And it’s during that time that the comics paired Magneto with Rogue. Their relationship has gone back and forth since 1991, during a mission in the Savage Land. In the Age of Apocalypse they were even married with a kid, until that reality was wiped out. Clearly, these two have a complicated history.

The reason we will never see this relationship onscreen is because of the age difference X-Men films has already established. Magneto is an old guy born in the mid-to-late 1930s and Rogue won’t be born until the late ’80s or early ’90s. Even with Days of Future Past rewriting much of the franchise’s history, this is one thing that didn’t change. No May-December romances here– not that there is anything wrong with that.

8. Captain America and the Wasp

wasp and captain america 15 Comic Book Romances Well Never See In Movies

These two founding members of the Avengers team have never had it easy when it comes to love. Captain America’s most notable relationship is with Sharon Carter, the younger sister (later retconned to great-niece) of his wartime girlfriend. The Wasp’s most notable relationship is with Hank Pym and is a tragic illustration of domestic abuse in almost any universe thrown out there by Marvel comics. Despite their troubled love lives, Captain America and the Wasp did manage to get together in Marvel’s Ultimate universe.

The Ultimate universe was an attempt by Marvel to create a more grounded universe for its characters to live in. They seemed like a happy couple on the surface for a while, but the generation gap was too much for Janet. While Steve enjoyed hanging out with his old WW2 buddies, Janet preferred going out on the town. Things were starting to fall apart for them anyway, but before their relationship could be resolved one way or another, she was killed by the mutant Blob, who began to eat her. Remember, this was supposed to be the universe that was more grounded.

The reason this will never be seen on the screen, assuming Janet is rescued from the microverse in the Ant-man sequel, is that she would presumably be back with Hank. Not to mention that she would most likely be in her ’70s, like the MCU’s Hank Pym. Of course, it is possible that you age slower in the microverse, so who knows?

7. Storm and Black Panther

Storm and Black Panther marriage 15 Comic Book Romances Well Never See In Movies

This is the second relationship on the list that we miss out on because of Fox and Marvel not getting along, and this one hurts the most. Storm and T’Challa, AKA Black Panther, have a long history, starting from their time as kids. The man who would be king of Wakanda and the weather goddess of Africa; two of the most powerful characters in Marvel comics and they were childhood sweethearts. Their marriage was such a big event that even Tony Stark and Captain America stopped punching each other for a few hours during the Civil War storyline. Like most comic book romances, it didn’t last, mostly because Namor, an Atlantean mutant who was possessed by part of the cosmic entity the phoenix, destroyed Wakanda. After the attack, no X-men were allowed back in the country, including Storm. They continue to care for each other deeply, but, unfortunately, there is no romance in their future.

Sadly for comic fans this romance isn’t in our movie theatre future either. There are lots of things that audiences are missing out on because of the split between Marvel and Fox, and this is one of the biggest character driven storylines we are being denied. If there is any possibility of the two studios working things out, they need to find a way to make this happen. Of course that would mean rebooting the X-men side of things, but Fox is good at that.

6. Silver Surfer and Alicia Masters

Alicia and surfer 15 Comic Book Romances Well Never See In Movies

Most people know who the Silver Surfer is from the 2007 film, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. What most of those people don’t realize is that Alicia Masters was in both Fantastic Four movies, played by Kerry Washington. There are so many reasons why we will never see this romance on screen that it is astounding.

Getting beyond the fact that Fox can’t seem to get the Fantastic Four films right, we are talking about a superpowered Ken doll space surfer getting together with the ex-girlfriend of two members of the Fantastic Four: the Thing and Human Torch. Technically, the Human Torch was dating and married a shapeshifting alien that was impersonating Alicia, but that doesn’t make things any less complicated. If Fox did somehow manage to make a decent Fantastic Four film, it seems very unlikely that they would take away the one bit of happiness the Thing has had in any of the previous films and let her romp around with the Silver Surfer.

5. Dick Grayson and Helena Wayne

Grayson and Helena 15 Comic Book Romances Well Never See In Movies

Dick Grayson and Helena Wayne are a confusing couple. Depending on what comics you are reading they are portrayed as either sibling-like, platonic crime fighting partners, or straight-out lovers. When your relationship is that confusing, it is probably best to walk away from it. Dick Grayson (Robin) was the ward of Bruce Wayne in most versions of the story, while Helena Wayne on Earth 2 is the daughter of Selina Kyle, Catwoman, and Bruce Wayne. Dick, himself, states that he used to help change Helena’s diapers, but then says that he didn’t think he had peeking privileges anymore. Is there another way to read this besides creepy? There are seriously some things in comics that bring the sanity of their writers into question. What kind of relationship is this? Is it a sibling relationship or are they interested in each other?

Beyond the fact that neither Dick Grayson or Helena Wayne (or Catwoman, for that matter) exist in the current DC cinematic universe, the amount of backstory and exposition required for this to happen is ridiculous. The amount of focus it would require in each Batman film to pull this off would take away from any chance of decent storytelling.

4. Hal Jordan and Arisia

Hal Jordan and Asiria 15 Comic Book Romances Well Never See In Movies

Hal Jordan is well-known as the first Green Lantern of Earth. Arisia, on the other hand, is an unknown character to most. Arisia Rrab is a green lantern from the planet Graxos IV and she was given her ring while still only a teenager. She is a lineage character who received her ring after her father and uncle both died in service. Initially, Arisia was written as a little sister figure to Hal. He would teach her, protect her, and help her out like a big brother would. Arisia started to fall in love with Hal, but was upset when he wouldn’t return her feelings because she was too young. Unwilling to take no for an answer, she subconsciously willed her power ring to age her until she was old enough for Hal to accept her as a lover.

Does it really need to be explained why this won’t make it into any of the future DC movies? She is mentally and emotionally still a teenager, but her body has been rapidly aged to that of an adult. To put it in context, think Big starring Tom Hanks, but with an orange alien girl and a magic ring instead of a possessed arcade game. This is wrong on so many levels and DC would be out of their minds to write this into one of their films.

3. Wolverine and Squirrel Girl

Jessica Jones Squirrel Girl 15 Comic Book Romances Well Never See In Movies

The last entry on our list that suffers from the Fox/Marvel feud. Wolverine, one of Marvel’s most popular characters ever and Squirrel Girl, one of their strangest, hooked up once and then swore to never talk about it. In fact, they promised to never see each other again. The circumstance under which they actually hooked up is something we never get see (thank God) in the comics, but we do see the first awkward reunion at the Avengers Mansion. Whatever happened between them, it certainly left a mark on Wolverine (she still holds a place in his, ahem, heart afterall).

As funny as it would be to see that on screen, it should be noted that Wolverine is nearly 100 years older than her. If you thought the age difference between Hal and Arisia was bad, this is off the charts. To be fair though, Wolverine is older than everyone he knows. Sadly, this romance is another great one that will never be seen on screen. Get your act together, Marvel and Fox!

2. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch

Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch1 15 Comic Book Romances Well Never See In Movies

This is one that honestly needs no explanation, because it is just gross. In case you don’t know who Quicksilver or Scarlet Witch are, they are the children of Magneto. That is right, they are brother and sister and in the Marvel Ultimate universe– they are also in love. Not the love a family member has for another family member, but in full-on romantic love.

If this confuses you, you are not alone. It confused Captain America as well and the Wasp had to spell it out for him. While being raised by Magneto, essentially alone in a hidden tropical jungle in Antarctica, with no friends and no parental guidance, they found love in each other. It is true! Wolverine was there! He saw everything from the bushes, like an unhelpful stalker. Marvel’s Ultimate series started off as such a good idea, but it was choices like this that made it go downhill, very very quickly.

1. Norman Osborn and Gwen Stacy

Norman Osborn and Gwen Stacy 15 Comic Book Romances Well Never See In Movies

When the writers of Spider-Man were trying to come up with ways to mess with Peter Parker’s head in the early 2000s, they resorted to an old standby: make him see someone who looks like Gwen Stacy. In this case, it would be the rapidly aged daughter of Gwen Stacy. The problem was, at no point in Gwen’s canon past did she have a relationship where she got pregnant– but that is where the magic of retconning comes into play.

Around the time of Amazing Spider-Man #62, about 7 months before Gwen’s infamous death, she had an affair with Norman and got pregnant with twins. Gwen went off to Europe to give birth to the kids.  They arrived 2 months early as full-term babies due to the Green Goblin serum in their DNA. When Gwen returned to New York and told Norman about them, he demanded she hand them over. She refused and in his rage and desire to claim the children, Norman kidnapped her and threw her off of the bridge. Hurting Spider-Man was just a nice bonus.

With Spider-Man safely in the hands of Marvel and away from Sony, I doubt we’ll ever see anything remotely close to this. One bad idea led to what is arguably one of the worst Spider-Man story arcs ever written and it all started with the writers deciding Gwen needed to go back and take pity on Norman Osborn.

Which romance would you like to see make it to the big screen? Let us know down in the comments.

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