Comic Book 'Paradox' To Be Adapted For Film

It looks like Arcana Studios (the comic-book publishing company) is teaming up with Canadian production company Legacy Filmworks along with Bron Management to produce five films based on comics published by Arcana.

The first of these five films will be Paradox, a sci-fi/thriller which will star Kevin Sorbo and be directed by Brenton Spencer (who directed a few episodes of Stargate Atlantis). The screenplay has been written by Christos Gage (who wrote the limited three part comic series) and Ruth Fletcher Gage (both of whom have worked on Law & Order: SVU and wrote the 2001 horror film The Breed)

Sorbo plays a homicide cop on a parallel Earth ruled by magic who investigates a series of murders committed by a previously unseen means: the power of science.

The other four projects include a thriller called Chopper, based on a comic by Martin Shapiro and Sundown, which is a Western vampire thriller. The remaining projects will be announced in the coming months.

I have to be honest; I'd never even heard of any of these comics before today. I may have to track at least the Paradox one down just to get a feel of the film before it gets released. As an outsider looking in, though, I have to say this sounds like it could be a lot of fun. It certainly doesn't sound like anything I've seen before.

What do you make of the project? Anyone out there read any of the comic books? Does the plot outline get you excited for it or are you going to reserve judgment until more stuff gets released?

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter and

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