The Comic Book Men Tease Surprises Next Season

We interview the Comic Book Men at NYCC 2017 about a multitude of topics, including what's next on the show and superhero movies.

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The Comic Book Men have seen a lot come through their store, rare comics, celebrities, and preserved 2 headed pigs. Mike, Ming, Bryan, and Walt haven't really changed that much over the years and are bringing you more of what they love, comics and toys. Going into the show's 7th season, they discuss some of their highlights, what they think about the state of comic book films from Marvel and DC Cinematic Universe, and who their favorite celebrity guest has been. They guys also tell us what we can expect on to see on the new season of The Comic Book Men.

SR: During the six years of [Comic Book Men] what are the things that came into your store, that maybe we didn’t see on camera, that really wowed you.

Walt: We had a Seduction of the Innocent, original copy.

SR: What!?

Walt: Yeah, the Wertham book.

SR: The book that almost banned comics forever.

Walt: Yeah, it almost killed comics. That came in, and I don’t recall why it never made it to the show. Possibly because of the guy who brought it in.

Bryan: He was a dud?

Walt: He might’ve been a little low energy. But that was a cool item, to see an original copy of the book that almost killed comics.

SR: Did you buy it?

Walt: Yeah we did buy it, we ended up picking up a copy of that. It was a while ago, I don’t even remember what we paid for it.

SR: That’s amazing. Did you move it right away?

Walt: We flipped it eventually. It took a while, you know, because it’s a pricey book. A lot of people don’t even know—it’s not that sought-after.

Stan Lee's cameo in Spider-Man: Homecoming

SR: Now, you guys have had a ton of guests come on: Stan Lee, Adam West, Dean Cain. Who have been some of your favorite guests on the show?

Mike: I’ve got a laundry list of ‘em. I’m gonna answer for Ming now: Katrina Law. Katrina Law was his favorite.

Ming: Oh yeah, absolutely. If you’re an Arrow fan, if you’re a Spartacus fan, if you’re a Training Day fan, and then—

Mike: Listen to him. Spartacus was second? Yeah, sure.

SR: I like how you just rattled off her filmography.

Ming: Yeah, she’s just one of those personalities, you see her on screen, you immediately fall in love with her. And then you meet her in real life—

Mike: And she’s even more amazing.

Ming: And you fall in love with her, like, hard. Madly, deeply. Yeah, she’s just such a great person. Her and Rosario Dawson, who was featured this season. They’re just fun.

Oh, there you go, see, I wanna talk about who we can expect this season. Rosario Dawson?

Ming: Rosario Dawson, definitely.

SR: We heard that Method Man made a little drop by.

Mike: Yeah, he did.

SR: Luke Cage himself.

Ming: Luke Cage.

Mike: Michael Colter.

Ming: Michael Gray from TV’s Shazam! For any 70s kids out there.

Mike: Yeah, Billy Batson from Shazam!.

Ming: And then the man from everybody’s nightmares, Robert Englund, drops by as well. So, we got—we’re very lucky, man.

Mike: I’m telling you, we got the best jobs in the world. Next to yours.

Ming: Can you imagine, watching Nightmare on Elm Street, crapping your pants in 1984, and then thirty-three years later.

Freddy Krueger Cover Image

SR: I was two, bro.

Mike: You were like sixteen, buddy.

Ming: Alright, but—well we were both crapping our pants, then. And then thirty-three years later he shows up in the comic book store you work at. It’s pretty amazing.

Mike: And he crapped his pants.

Ming: Again. Hey man, it’s a normal human function.

SR: Out of all the items that you’ve seen this season, what do you think is your favorite? Without giving too much away.

Mike: You answer that one first. I think we have to give it away if we’re—

Ming: Oh man, well we usually feature a Batmobile or Bat vehicle of some type. So we had the Batmobile, the Batcopter, we had the Batboat, we had the Batcycle; you would’ve thought that was all that was left. And then somebody brought in a Bat vehicle that we had never seen before.

Mike: I have seen it, I have—yes, I have seen it, Walt has seen it, and Bryan has seen it. You’ve never seen it. Or you had never seen it.

Ming: No. It’s so unique and interesting. Like, just when you think we’d run out of Bat vehicles one popped up, and it was pretty amazing.

SR: Please tell me it’s the surfboard that Adam West uses in the [show].

Mike: That’s next. That’s season eight.

Ming: And even better, this Bat vehicle, I was the only one that could drive it. I was the only one that could drive it.

SR: That’s amazing. Speaking of Bat vehicles, what is your favorite design of the Batmobile?

Mike: ‘66. It is the ‘66. I mean, the Burton Batmobile was okay. I didn’t like the Tumbler.

SR: I like the Tumbler.

Mike: I didn’t. I thought the Tumbler was ugly. The Joel Schumacher? That was horrible.

SR: I also like the Animated Series Batmobile.

Mike: But that was more the Burton.

Ming: How did they get it to turn? It was like eighteen million feet long. How did that manage corners?

Mike: It didn’t matter. He didn’t turn, he just drove through whatever the hell was in his way.

Burt Ward as Robin and Adam West as Batman in the Batmobile

SR: You guys have had a lot of great guests come throughout the show. You’ve had the legendary Adam West, Stan Lee obviously, Dean Cain was on your show. Are there any surprises coming up that we can expect?

Walt: Lotta guests this season, right?

Bryan: Yeah, there were quite a few. Some good ones, too. Freddy Krueger.

Walt: Burt Ward.

SR: Burt Ward, that’s awesome.

Bryan: And by Freddy Krueger I mean Robert Englund. [laughs]

Walt: Luke Cage comes into the store?

Mike Colter?

Walt: Yeah.

Bryan: Method Man. Wu.

SR: Oh really? The Wu Tang Clan?

Bryan: And he’s super into comics, it’s just not like a dude that would be cool to have come on, but, like, this guy is immersed.

SR: Really?

Bryan: He loves it, yeah.

SR: I have a question for you guys. The DC movies - Wonder Woman did really well, and now it seems like DC is kinda going everywhere with their films. I wanted to ask what your opinion was on that.

Mike: I think it’s a mistake.

SR: Do you?

Mike: I think that one cohesive universe—Marvel’s proven that it’s a genius idea, and you can do so much with it. Unfortunately, DC doesn’t feel that way. I just think it’s a mistake, especially if you’re going for comic book fans. We love continuity. So if you’re gonna do it as a multiverse thing, I think that’s not a bad way to go, but have a plan. This just seems like—

Ming: They’re throwing darts.

SR: You feel the same way?

Ming: Oh, absolutely. I think what Marvel’s done is genius. They kept it simple, built a universe, did individual movies first, brought everyone together. Everyone loves that. DC, with the different actors in the movie and TV roles—

Mike: That was a mistake right there.

Ming: I’m just gonna boil it down to this: people are not that bright in the long run.

Mike: It’s true.

Ming: There’s a lot of people out there, most of them aren’t that bright, and they’re not gonna get it.

Justice League movie wallpaper

SR: I’m gonna blog that. [Mimes typing] Ming says “people aren’t that bright.”

Mike: That’s not the most controversial thing he’s said all day.

Ming: I’m not alone in this thinking, and you know, with the different actors, now I’m hearing they’re doing two Joker movies, you’re really just gonna confuse people, and they’re not gonna get into it.

Mike: No, and that’s—yeah, you take people outta the movie and they’re not gonna enjoy it. You know, Barry Allen, Grant Gustin’s done a great job as the Flash. Why not transfer him over, have him be—

Ming: Keep him in the movie.

Mike: Stephen Amell is a fantastic Green Arrow. Unfortunately, Green Arrow in Arrow is a murderer, we know he murders people, but could you bring him into the Justice League?

SR: That’s the big question, right? This is a big controversy it seems like, especially with this Joker thing. I know that Scorsese’s kind of attached, and rumored Leonardo DiCaprio, I don’t know if that’s true. But who knows what’s gonna happen? What comic book movie are you guys most looking forward to? We still have a lot coming out. We still have Thor: Ragnarok coming out, Justice League obviously, Black Panther, Infinity War. What are you guys looking forward to?

Mike: I’m gonna throw my hat in the ring for Thor: Ragnarok. It just looks—it looks a little grindhouse, you know? It just looks like an 80s movie, so I’m just, I wanna watch this.

Ming: Led Zeppelin in the trailer? Led Zeppelin doesn’t let everyone use their music, they must have seen something, they must have really liked it. I’m looking forward to Infinity War. That big purple gorilla—

Mike: Thanos.

Purple gorilla?

Mike: Grape Ape? Alright!

Ming: —That we’ve been waiting for, that we’ve been looking forward to seeing, me for a number of years, Mike even longer. We’ve seen teases of him on screen, we’re gonna see his power now. We’re gonna see him do his thing.

Mike: Kicking some major-league Marvel ass.

Ming: And changing the Marvel universe a little bit maybe.

Walter, I have a question for you. I know you’ve done a lot of comic artwork in the past, can you talk to me a little bit about the DC movies.

Walt: Yes.

They seem like they’re in a little bit of disarray, at least in my opinion. What’s your opinion on it?

Walt: It feels like they’re going—they’re ready to get it right. And they did with Wonder Woman, so they’re on the right path, I think. I think the Justice League movie is make-or-break for them, in terms of following up Wonder Woman with that; if that movie hits just like Wonder Woman did then they’re on the right path and they’re poised to go toe-to-toe with Marvel. So the Justice League movie’s gotta follow up and exceed Wonder Woman, which is gonna be difficult to do.

Bryan: Pardon my ignorance, is Wonder Woman part of the Justice League?

Walt: She is.

Bryan: Okay. So that’s a big plus.

What do you think about—now they’re doing a Joker standalone movie that’s not connected, what do you feel about that?

Walt: I’m a big continuity guy, so—of course, if it’s well done people are gonna dig it. If it’s Scorsese and that guy from Titanic, who’s that guy?

Bryan: Leonardo DiCaprio?

Walt: Yeah. I know they’re supposed to be involved with the Joker movie?

Yeah, the DiCaprio thing’s rumored a little bit, we’re not sure if that’s true, but Scorsese yes.

Walt: I mean, guys of that caliber willing to come in a do a comic book-centric movie, I can see why DC and Warner Brothers [are] like, we don’t wanna tie their hands to like, “well it has to match what was in Justice League.” So I get what they’re doing, but I don’t know. I mean, that’s what’s so great about the Marvel movies though, is that they pay such close detail to the continuity that it’s like a geek’s dream to see that level of respect and attention paid to continuity.

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