OK, how could you not want to get a beer with Deadpool?? He has a fantastic sense of humor and you’re pretty much guaranteed to find yourself involved in some pretty crazy hijinks. Hanging out with the Merc with a Mouth might not be the safest decision, but it

certainly won’t be boring. You could ask him what it’s like to kill the Marvel universe (yes, we know, the story isn’t canon, but given Deadpool’s tendency to break the Fourth Wall, we’re pretty sure he’d know what you’re talking about).

In fact, the possibilities for Fourth-Wall-breaking conversation starters are pretty extensive. Wade, what’s it like to be played by Ryan Reynolds? Wade, who’s going to play Cable in the sequel? Wade, what’s your favorite Deadpool comic? Plus, how much fun would it be to see him get blitzed and start raving about Bea Arthur? It would be a pretty unforgettable experience.

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