10 Funko Pops For Comedy Movie Fans

Everybody loves to laugh, which is why everybody loves a good comedy movie. They’re not all good, of course – as they say, dying is easy; comedy is tough – but that’s what makes the ones that are good such a delight. Comedy is also a great genre for building characters, as some comics even become closely identified with their comedy characters. Steve Coogan is closely identified with Alan Partridge, Will Ferrell is closely identified with Ron Burgundy etc. A bunch of those hilarious characters have been made into Funko Pop figurines. So, here are 10 Funko Pops For Comedy Movie Fans.

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10 Funko Pop Movies: Wayne’s World - Wayne Collectible Figure, Multicolor

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When Mike Myers first pitched the Wayne Campbell character to the SNL writers’ room, he got a little push-back. They didn’t think enough people would relate to the very niche subculture of suburban metalheads with a public access TV show.

But the fact that the sketches were popular enough to spawn two feature films and Wayne’s World is still the highest grossing movie based on an SNL sketch ever made shows that they were wrong. The character that none of the other SNL writers or cast members expected to have wings is now the only one with his own Funko Pop figure.

9 Funko Pop! Movies: Office Space - Bill Lumbergh

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Mike Judge’s quirky little cult comedy Office Space celebrated the 20th anniversary of its release this year. All these years later, the plight of embattled office employee Peter Gibbons and his crusade against the corporate culture remains as funny and relatable as ever.

There’s a timeless quality to the movie’s portrayal of the monotony of office work. We all still want to smash up the copier and we’ve all had a boss like Bill Lumbergh and we’ve all had to do mundane exercises like a TPS report. If you could go ahead and buy this Funko Pop, that’d be greeeat...

8 Funko POP Movies: Mean Girls - Cady Action Figure

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It’s not easy to adapt books into screenplays, and it’s especially difficult when the book you’re tasked with adapting is a non-fiction book about a social structure with no clear plot. So, with that in mind, Tina Fey did a pretty darn good job of turning Queen Bees and Wannabes, a book about the class system that keeps high school students separated, into a coming-of-age comedy.

The eventual film was Mean Girls, the story of a girl who transfers to a high school after living in Africa for her whole childhood and realizes the kids there aren’t so different from the safari animals separated by the food chain. Now, that girl is a Funko Pop.

7 Funko POP Movies The Big Lebowski The Dude Vinyl Figure

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Hot off their Oscar win for the sobering, ice-cold crime drama Fargo, the Coen brothers took a pretty drastic left turn when they wrote and directed The Big Lebowski, a stoner comedy about a slacker in California who loves bowling and gets unwittingly wrapped up in a Raymond Chandler mystery story.

The movie initially received a mixed response from both critics and audiences, but it has since become a cult classic – and its lead character, Jeff “the Dude” Lebowski, has since become one of cinema’s most beloved icons. This Funko Pop captures the Dude’s signature sunglasses, cardigan, goatee, White Russian, and refreshingly cool demeanor.

6 Funko POP! Movies: Coming to America - Prince Akeem

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After years in development hell, Eddie Murphy’s sequel to his culture-clash comedy Coming to America – aptly and punnily titled Coming 2 America (which is a little confusing, since it’s pronounced the same as its predecessor) – is finally moving forward.

Arsenio Hall is back and it will see Murphy’s iconic character Prince Akeem, who has been immortalized as this awesome little Funko Pop, returning to America to track down his long-lost son. Akeem might not be Eddie Murphy’s best-known character – that title would go to Axel Foley or Sherman Klump, or even Norbit – but in the comedy fan community, he’s just as beloved.

5 Funko POP Movies: Superbad Fogell (McLovin) Action Figure

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Seth and Evan are the lead characters in Superbad. It’s a movie about their friendship, their separation anxiety, and their quest to get with the girls they like. They were even named after the film’s writers – Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg – who based the characters on themselves when they wrote the first drafts of the screenplay as teenagers.

But the true breakout star of the film is Fogell, a.k.a. McLovin, the friend they constantly deride and yet who continues to hang out with them. He spends the night before he gets to the party with a couple of cops after being involved in a liquor store robbery while he was using his fake ID – and steals the whole movie.

4 Funko POP Movies: Clueless - Cher Action Figure

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As if! Cher Horowitz, the lead character from the classic high school comedy Clueless played brilliantly by Alicia Silverstone, anchors the movie in hilarious ways. Her pitch-perfect line delivery, unabashed belief in herself, and positive attitude have made her one of the most beloved heroes in comedy movie history.

It was the role that solidified Alicia Silverstone’s place as a movie star (although it would be short-lived and her brief stint as Batgirl would set her back significantly). She embodies all the clichés and stereotypes of a dumb blonde and owns them. It’s very empowering. Get yourself one of these Cher Funko Pops!

3 Funko Pop! Movies: Caddyshack - Gopher

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When people think of Caddyshack, they think of the gopher. The gopher might be the funniest part of the movie. However, interestingly, it wasn’t in the original script. The studio added it in. Doug Kenney, one of the film’s writers, objected to the gopher being included and actually tried to get those scenes removed from the final cut.

But the gopher made it in – because at the end of the day, whoever’s putting up the money gets to decide – and became an important part of comedy history. This is one of the only times when studio notes have actually had a positive impact on a movie.

2 Funko POP! Movies: Christmas Vacation - Clark

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Chevy Chase has played the beleaguered family man Clark Griswold in five Vacation movies – four starring roles in the original series and a cameo appearance in the reboot. The one that continues to be the most popular today isn’t the first one, in which he takes his family to Walley World and finds that it’s closed, but rather the third one, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

The story of a father struggling to get through the holidays as the in-laws visit, the tree is destroyed, the turkey is ruined, and his bonus check is either late in the mail or non-existent is all too relatable, and audiences continue to enjoy it as a Christmas favorite to this day. That’s why this is the best version of Clark to get as a Funko Pop.

1 Funko Pop Movies: Austin Powers - Austin Powers Collectible Figure, Multicolor

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Mike Myers’ curious blending of ‘60s bachelor culture and James Bond parody was a risk. It could’ve been deemed too weird, or the targets could’ve been deemed to obscure, to appeal to a mainstream audience. But that risk paid off handsomely, as Austin Powers has since become a cultural institution across the world.

Fans can quote him for days – everything from “Oh, behave!” to “Allow myself to introduce...myself.” Now, we’re three movies into the franchise and fans have been clamoring for a fourth one for years. No comedy fan’s collection of Funko Pops is complete without this shagadelic Austin Powers Pop.

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