Last Seen In: Captain Ron (1992)

When most people picture Kurt Russell with an eye patch, their mind immediately goes to Escape From New York (1981). But in our hearts, his turn in Captain Ron is just as beloved. If Snake Plissken got a second adventure, there’s no question Captain Ron deserves one just as much.

The genre of ‘naval comedy’ films is a sparsely-populated one, making the unorthodox skipper even more vital. In only a single film, Captain Ron taught us that it’s not pirates, but Cuban police you need to worry about, and that Australia has a really big reef you gotta look out for when sailing. Think of what he could teach if given another film?

With technology and global communication expanding each day, we need a man who wakes with the sun and goes where the tide takes him now more than ever. A second chance for our Captain Ron Halloween costume is just an afterthought.

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