Last Seen In: Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey (1991)

Did the Wyld Stallyns make it? Did Bill and Ted continue to be excellent to each other? Did their days of time-hopping come to an end post-death, or have they continued to warp the time stream beyond recognition without our even knowing it? These are the questions we hope Bill & Ted 3 would, and before long will answer.

The bottom line is: science fiction has started to become – like almost every larger-budget genre film – entirely too serious. ‘This movie’s about time travel? Alright, cue the science and figure out what it says about human nature!’ Give us a break.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure used the concept of a time-traveling phone booth the way we all would – passing our history class. ‘But what if it permanently altered the course of history?’ Who cares? Have YOU seen how hilariously Napoleon eats a massive bowl of ice cream? We didn’t think so.

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