Comedy, Drama & Jack Ryan In Harrison Ford's Future?

It's been well documented here at Screen Rant that Paramount Pictures has been trying to get the Jack Ryan franchise up and running again. Played in the past by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck the studio are currently in a bit of a pickle over who should fill their shoes. Ryan Gosling, James Franco and Aaron Eckhart have all been mentioned, however Harrison Ford believes that he has what it takes to play Jack Ryan once more.

Considering the ass that he kicked in Indiana Jones this past summer - you can't disagree.

Speaking to MTV Ford said:

"I think it's a character I could easily play at this point if people were interested in seeing what happens to Jack Ryan as his life progresses,"

Don't get too excited though - Paramount has no apparent interest in casting Ford, although in Clancy's books Ryan does move up the promotional ladder and become President of the United States. However, I can't imagine much ass kicking in that role.

Hold on, didn't Ford play an ass kicking US President in Air Force One? Maybe there is a bit of room, although that would lead to Ford playing a similar character to one he played previously.

Wait a minute - doesn't Ford usually play a grumpy, aging professional who ends up in a dangerous position? Maybe there is a bit if leeway for that!

I digress. While Ford may have some superficial interest in the Jack Ryan role, he does have other films in development, so it's unlikely that he would star in a film that Paramount wants to make pretty sharpish. To explain further, over to Mr Ford:

"I have a comedy that's been developed by J.J. Abrams and a drama that I developed that talks about the pharmaceutical industry. We haven't sorted out which is first yet."

The Abrams film is Morning Glory where Ford would play - you guessed it a grumpy professional - this time a morning television anchorman.

The drama is Crowley - a medical drama where (and I'm just guessing here) Ford will play a brilliant but grumpy medical researcher.

I'm more interested in the comedy - if you haven't seen Ford in Working Girl, then you've missed a great piece of 1980's cinema.

Now, if Paramount own the Ryan property, and they have a good relationship with Abrams (Star Trek) and Ford (Indiana Jones, previous Ryan films) then they might be able to negotiate a deal!

We all want to see Ford back as Jack Ryan.

Come on Paramount!!! Give us what we want. Please.

Source: MTV

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