'The Comedians' Trailer: Billy Crystal Returns to TV Comedy

The Comedians Billy Crystal and Josh Gad

As far as current comedy series are concerned, FX's Louie is arguably one of the most praised, garnering critical acclaim with its distinct format and star Louis C.K.'s role as a fictionalized version of himself. Now, it seems the network is hoping to recreate that success with its latest comedic offering.

The Comedians stars Josh Gad (Frozen, The Wedding Ringer) and Billy Crystal as some version of themselves, as the two comics team up for a new FX comedy series. That premise implies that the show's focus will primarily land on behind-the-scenes shenanigans, and based on the new teaser trailer the network has released, that looks to be the case.

The above footage doesn't elaborate much on the show's central premise, though it does lend viewers an idea of the kind of tone The Comedians is shooting for. Much like the aforementioned Louie and Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Comedians looks it is relying largely on meta-humor and some measure of self-parody to fuel the show's narrative, which appears to begin with the development of the show-within-a-show that Gad and Crystal are putting together.

The Comedians Billy Crystal and Josh Gad

With decades of comedic experience behind him, there's little doubt that Crystal - whose recent work has been limited mostly to guest appearances and voice acting, save for a lead role in 2012 film Parental Guidance - will be able to make the most out of the material, and Gad's rising profile as a comic star will likely help attract younger viewers. Moreover, the fact that Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry Charles served as executive producer and directed the pilot episode of The Comedians certainly bodes well.

FX has proven in the past that it has a deft eye for developing solid original series, as proven by It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The League (both of which have since moved to sister network FXX). Whether The Comedians manages to to be another winner when it premieres this spring remains to be seen, but the show does - so far, at least - demonstrate the potential to be another hit for the network. The question will ultimately be if its tone and premise are too similar to the other recent shows mentioned to truly strike a chord with viewers.

Do you think The Comedians can be the next breakout comedy hit for FX? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

The Comedians premieres April 9th, 2015 on FX.

Source: FX

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