Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Season 11 Premiere Date & Guests Revealed

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee season 11's premiere date and guests have been revealed. In the 1990s, comedian Jerry Seinfeld was everywhere. The hit sitcom he created with Larry David ruled the airwaves, and the duo’s brand of observational comedy created a pop cultural phenomenon that viewers couldn’t get enough of.

After the final, contentious episode of Seinfeld aired in 1998, the cast went its separate ways, with fans wondering exactly what Seinfeld was going to do next. The answer, as it turned out, was not much. Aside from a handful of cameos on a variety of different sitcoms and the odd bit of stand up, it wasn’t until 2007 that the comedian stepped back into the limelight with the animated Bee Movie, for which he wrote and voiced the lead character, honeybee Barry B. Benson. Five years later, Seinfeld returned to TV with Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, the laid back interview series with a variety of the biggest names in comedy that perfectly melds the 65-year-old’s two favorite things: cars and comedy. The short and succinct interview segments began airing on Crackle in 2012, before moving to Netflix in 2018.

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Now Netflix has revealed via a press release that Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is on its way back for season 11, which will premiere on the streaming network July 19. As usual, the new series will feature a treasure trove of some of the funniest people working in show business, with guests who are new to the series as well as some whose hilarious demeanor has merited a return. The new season’s lineup is as follows: Eddie Murphy, Seth Rogen, Ricky Gervais, Matthew Broderick, Jamie Foxx, Sebastian Maniscalco, Martin Short, Mario Joyner, Melissa Villaseñor, Bridget Everett, and Barry Marder.

Perhaps one of the greatest things about Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is that it’s such a great way for comedians who may not be getting the exposure they deserve to find a wider audience. A prime example of this is Sebastian Maniscalco. Prior to his appearance on Comedians in Cars, Maniscalco was building a steady fanbase and performing as a stand-up at a range of venues. His hilarious appearance on Comedians in Cars gave his comedy an undeniable boost of attention, and has played a significant role in his current status as one of the fastest rising comedians working. The style of the series also allows for natural, free flowing interviews, which in turn ensures that even comedians who are completely unknown to viewers can take part in something that's well worth the watch.

If there's a downside to the interview series, it’s perhaps the odd glimpse into Seinfeld’s sometimes condescending feelings toward those who aren’t comedians or celebrities. In the often declared opinion of Seinfeld, celebrities owe their fans nothing, which is a rather disheartening take for a man who's built a career specifically as a result of the public’s fondness for him. Still, all controversial opinions aside, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is brimming full of laughs and insight for fans of comedy, cars, coffee and yes, Seinfeld.

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