Arrow's Colton Haynes Might Be Teasing DCEU Nightwing Role

Colton Haynes may be teasing a jump from the small screen to the big screen, as the actor has sent out some cryptic tweets about Nightwing, one of DC's most hotly anticipated upcoming films.

After coming to prominence on Teen Wolf, Haynes took on the role of Roy Harper on The CW's Arrow, playing Thea Queen's love interest and Green Arrow's sidekick, Arsenal. Since departing Arrow at the end of the show's third season, Haynes' career has flourished, with well received turns on TV series such as American Horror Story: Cult, The Grinder, and Scream Queens, as well as on the big screen in Rough Night and San Andreas, in which he starred alongside future DCEU star Dwayne Johnson, who will be portraying Black Adam. Now, it seems Haynes may be hinting at his own entry into the DCEU.

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A pair of cryptic tweets suggest Haynes may be up for the role of Dick Grayson in director Chris McKay's live action Nightwing film. Check out the tweets below.

Obviously, these are intentionally vague tweets. It's possible Haynes is hinting at a Nightwing presence in the Arrowverse; he's no longer a regular, but still pops up for the occasional guest appearance on Arrow. He could also conceivably be involved in an animated project as the character.

But the most obvious - and certainly most exciting - takeaway is that he's up for the role as the DCEU's live-action Dick Grayson. It would make a tremendous amount of sense; Haynes not only looks the part but is also a rising star with a devoted fan base and the right kind of charm to give cinematic life to Batman's former sidekick. McKay has recently suggested a casting announcement for Nightwing isn't imminent, but that could always be misdirection.

Of the seemingly endless number of DCEU films in some stage of development, Nightwing is one that comic book fans are clamoring for, and McKay is looking to bring a comic accurate version of the character onto the big screen in the near future. McKay's The Lego Batman Movie proved that he has an intrinsic understanding of Grayson, as well as a razor sharp sense of humor, and that can only bode well for the film. Haynes has shown he has the chops to fully embody that sort of warm, earnest do-gooder who can still laugh at the absurdity of his own existence. If he really is playing Nightwing, it's a safe bet excitement for the film will jump to an even higher level.

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