Colton Haynes Becomes Live-Action Miss Piggy For Halloween

Colton Haynes as Arsenal in Arrow

Halloween is always the best time of year to become something you would otherwise never be. Social media has made sharing those experiences exponentially easier, particularly for those who go all out for their costumes. Some famous celebrities, notably supermodel Heidi Klum, have taken advantage of their considerable resources to deliver mind-blowing Halloween get-ups. Colton Haynes (Arrow) is another such example.

The actor has gone viral with some incredibly detailed Halloween costumes in recent years. In 2014 he covered himself in green makeup and prosthetics as he became Princess Fiona from Shrek. In 2015, he transformed himself into Little Mermaid villainess Ursula. His latest Halloween costume was along the same lines in terms of theme, and it may be his most impressive look yet.

For 2016, Haynes decided to pull out all the stops to turn himself into iconic female Muppet character Miss Piggy. He revealed a few photos of his stunning transformation on his Instagram account on Saturday. The costume included a prosthetic face and chest, as well as a fairly accurate representation of Miss Piggy’s famous diva look and even a fake Kermit the Frog tattoo. The costume led Arrow star Stephen Amell to declare Haynes the “World Champion of Halloween” on Twitter.

Happy Halloween 2016 from me :) Miss piggy Neck and breast prosthetics by RBFX Studios @rbfx. Face sculpt by Erik Porn @erikporn @bitemaresinc. Face molded by Dalton Kutsch @kutschdalton. Face foam prosthetic run by Mark Viniello @vin1fx. Applied by Erik Porn @erikporn Christopher Gallaher @bitemaresinc Laura Raczka @lauraraczka_mua Alex Noella @alexnoella

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Haynes credited the neck and breast prosthetics to RBFX Studios, the face mold to Dalton Kutsch, and the face foam prosthetics to Mark Viniello. He credited the sculpting and application of the facial prosthetics to Teen Wolf makeup artist Erik Porn, who posted a few photos of the application process on his own Instagram account on Monday.

Did you know that Miss Piggy had her own Twitter account? Well, she does, and she apparently caught wind of Haynes’ decision to copy her look for Halloween. So she parlayed Haynes’ viral Halloween costume into a tweet that reads, “#DivaTips: Always strive to be different. One cannot become a trendsetter with someone else's trend.” It prompted a clever response from Haynes who asked if they were “in a fight.”

The only problem Haynes has with his Miss Piggy Halloween costume is that he now has to outdo himself yet again next Halloween. It will certainly be hard to top a costume that had so much work put into it by such a large team of people. But this was not Haynes’ first rodeo as far as undergoing a major transformation, so it’s fair to be confident that he can pull off something even more mind-blowing a year from today.

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