Colton Haynes Returns to Arrow in New Set Photos

Colton Haynes, aka Roy Harper, aka Arsenal, has returned to Arrow  and he has the picture to prove it. The sixth season of Arrow has been a year of returns. Actress Willa Holland returned after being absent for most of the season with Thea in a coma since Lian Yu. Villains Cayden James and Vigilante have both returned to Star City to cause trouble for The Green Arrow. And due to his Earth-X counterpart making an appearance in the crossover, Colin Donnell returned to the series for the first time in three years as Tommy. The trend is continuing in the second half of the season with Colton Haynes returning as Roy Harper.

The return of Roy Harper was first teased by Haynes on social media back in September, but so far there has been little to no information about why Roy would return to Star City and whether he will join Oliver as Arsenal once more. Not to mention whether he and Thea will pick up where they left off.


Haynes is a constant social media presence though, and he could not let his return to the set go unmentioned. So he took to his Instagram account to share a picture of himself on the set, along with most of the same actors who were there with him when he regularly played Roy during the first four seasons, Stephen Amell, Willa Holland, Emily Bett Rickards, and David Ramsey.

Friday's night shoot with my #Arrow fam...guess who's back...back again...❤️❤️❤️

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Considering Roy's story on Arrow and what is currently happening on the series, there are several possibilities as to why he is returning now. Since he covered for Ollie once before by taking credit for being The Arrow and then faking his own death, it does make sense for him to show up when Ollie is officially and publicly accused of being The Green Arrow and potentially either pull a similar stunt or find another way to try and protect his friend. He also might be back to be Arsenal once more. Now that Ollie has lost half of the new team he created, he can certainly use the help of one of his previous sidekicks. And there is certainly still some closure to be found in Thea and Roy's relationship, especially now that she has given up being a superhero and practically come back from the dead.

Whatever the reason for Roy Harper's return, fans are certainly excited to see Colton back on the series. And from the looks of this picture, he and the rest of the cast of Arrow are just as happy about it as the audience is.

Arrow returns to The CW with 'Divided' on Thursday January 18 at 9 pm.


Source: Colton Haynes

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