The Bachelor: Did Colton & Cassie Stay Together?

colton and cassie the bachelor

They were the couple audiences were rooting for during season 23 of The Bachelor but did Colton and Cassie stay together? The Bachelor is one of a number of shows that helped popularise the reality television format in the early 2000s, alongside Big Brother and American Idol. The premise for the series finds a bachelor having to select a future wife from a group of romantic prospects. He must take each of them out on dates to assess the chemistry, with potential candidates being eliminated week by week until the bachelor proposes to his ideal match in the finale.

The concept of The Bachelor obviously struck a chord with viewers because the show has been running strong since it debuted back in 2002. It's also inspired numerous spinoff shows over the years, including Bachelor Pad. The series itself is somewhat ripe for parody too, with shows like Family Guy and Saturday Night Live having skewered it in the past. While The Bachelor has never received great reviews, it must be doing something right to have run for 23 seasons and counting.

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The Bachelor season 23 featured the blossoming relationship between Colton Underwood and Cassis Randolph. Colton had previously appeared on The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise and is an American football player. Cassie had previously appeared on reality show Young Once, and the two contestants grew close throughout the season. Cassie famously quit season 23 after Underwood revealed that her father didn't give his blessing to their potential engagement since he didn't sense a spark between them during a previous meeting.

the bachelor Colton Cassie relationship

She became upset Colton kept this to himself and after a heart to heart with her father, she decided to leave The Bachelor since she wasn't ready to commit to a potential engagement. Colton stated he was in love with her and would immediately break off his relationships with other contestants, but when this didn't sway her, he famously ran away and jumped a fence to quit the show.

In later episodes of The Bachelor, Colton persuades Cassie to give him a second chance, having broken up with finalists Hannah Godwin and Tayshia Adams and she was later chosen as the winner of season 23. The Colton and Cassie drama made for a memorable season, with even Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe professing his fandom for the couple, so viewers will be glad to hear the two are currently still together. They're not engaged - which breaks tradition for the show - and they're taking the relationship slow, but their romance is going strong.

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