Marvel Wants to Invite You To The Wedding of the Century

Marvel has officially announced the upcoming marriage of Colossus and Kitty Pryde - what could possibly go wrong?

In this week's X-Men Gold #20, the two classic X-Men finally got engaged. The on-again, off-again romance between Kitty and Piotr "Peter" Rasputin has been a recurring theme in the comics since Kitty was introduced back in 1980s. Writer Marc Guggenheim rekindled their love in his current run, and this time it's serious. Colossus has proposed, and - after a horrific twist in which she almost lost her Russian beau - Kitty decided she couldn't live without him. She accepted.

Of course, just because two superheroes have gotten engaged, it doesn't mean wedding bells will chime anytime soon. Death and misadventure have a habit of interrupting this particular love story; both parties have been believed dead at one time or another (and Colossus was actually resurrected by alien technology). This time round, though, it looks as though the X-Men will indeed reach the altar. Marvel Comics has cordially invited fans to the wedding of the century, in June's X-Men Gold #30.

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Of course, fans will no doubt wince at the end of the teaser, which asks an amusing question: "What can possibly go wrong?" Superhero weddings are notorious for going badly, not least because they usually mean the world's heroes are assembled in one location. That makes a tempting target for the bad guys, as was proven in the Arrowverse's "Crisis on Earth X" event. The Flash's wedding to Iris West has to go down as the textbook example of a superhero wedding, with alternate-reality Nazi doppelgangers interrupting the ceremony.

Surprisingly enough, the X-Men comics have actually had relatively few "superhero wedding disasters." Only three X-Men have actually tied the knot; Cyclops and Jean Grey in X-Men #30, Black Panther and Storm in Black Panther #18, and Northstar and Kyle Jinadu in Astonishing X-Men #51. All of these weddings passed relatively without incident; Sabretooth toyed with the idea of disrupting Cyclops and Jean's marriage, but was warned off by Wolverine.

If that teaser is anything to go by, Guggenheim intends to switch things up this time. It's possible that love will triumph, and two of the most memorable X-Men will finally become husband and wife. Unfortunately, it's also possible that this superhero ceremony will go disastrously wrong. The X-Men have many enemies, and Guggenheim has been enjoying increasing their number in his run so far. No doubt many of those supervillains will consider the wedding a perfect chance to attack in force.

Whatever the outcome, this is one issue that X-Men fans won't want to miss.

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X-Men Gold #30 will be on sale in June 2018.

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