X-Men's Colossus and Kitty Pryde Are Now Officially Engaged

Colossus and Kitty Pryde have finally gotten engaged!

Update: Marvel officially announces the Colossus-Kitty Pryde wedding and wants to invite you!

Marc Guggenheim has been playing to nostalgia in his X-Men Gold run. One of the most popular elements has been the rekindled relationship between Colossus and Kitty Pryde, whose on-again, off-again love life has spanned decades of comics. Now, it looks as though the two X-Men are taking things to the next level.

Previous issues had seen Colossus propose, much to Kitty's surprise. Naturally, these are comics, and any discussion was interrupted by a trip to the Negative Zone. There, Kitty nearly lost Colossus, and she realized she doesn't want to live without him. X-Men Gold #20 comes to a close with Kitty saying yes.

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Fans are sure to be delighted. The romance between Colossus and Kitty has always been a popular one, albeit rather controversial. Kitty joined the X-Men when she was only 14, while Colossus was presented as at least 18 or 19. That didn't stop writer Chris Claremont progressing matters though, and he had the two make out a few times. In one scene, Kitty even implied that she wanted to have sex with Colossus; "Gee, I wish I was older," she noted. "So do I," Colossus responded.

X-Men Gold 20 (2018) Cover

That was when Marvel's editors noticed what was going on, and X-Men editor Jim Shooter was particularly unhappy. He had Kitty shunted into the pages of New Mutants. Then, in his Secret Wars event miniseries, Shooter introduced Colossus to a beautiful alien healer named Zsaji. Colossus was smitten, and left heartbroken when Zsaji died. Claremont was forced to break Colossus and Kitty up under editorial fiat.

Fast-forward to the '90s, with an older (and thus less problematic) Kitty Pryde. When Colossus defected to the Acolytes, the X-Men diagnosed a head injury. They used his love for Kitty to draw him out, reminding readers of the old romance. Shortly after, Colossus joined Kitty on Muir Isle as a member of the British-based superteam Excalibur. That led to a singularly awkward period for both Colossus and Kitty, as Kitty was now in a relationship with a British super-spy.

It took Joss Whedon to reignite the fire of romance. By that time, Colossus had sacrificed himself to cure the Legacy Virus; but these are comics, and death is a revolving door. Whedon had grown up loving the X-Men comics, and was a particular fan of Kitty Pryde; she even inspired the character of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He resurrected Colossus, and progressed the relationship. The two even had sex, although Kitty's phasing powers caused her to fall through the floor at a key moment, much to her embarrassment. Unfortunately, yet again this relationship was doomed to tragedy, with Kitty believed dead at the end of Whedon's run.

Kieron Gillen brought Kitty back into play, but again the fates weren't kind for this awkward couple. Colossus fell under the influence of Cyttorak, transforming into the new Juggernaut. His story became even more complicated when he absorbed a fragment of the Phoenix Force, and Jason Aaron wrote a tense final date between the all-powerful but broken Colossus and the nervous but strong-willed Kitty.

That seemed to be the end of Marvel's popular couple. Kitty joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, and actually got engaged to Star-Lord. Colossus had a brief fling with Domino. Both seemed to have moved on. Until, that is, Marc Guggenheim's X-Men Gold. He carefully placed the characters side-by-side once again, and their latest attempt at a relationship is clearly going strong.

Of course, superhero weddings can be disasters. As fans of the Arrowverse can attest, they have a habit of being interrupted by the bad guys. It will be interesting to see what Guggenheim has planned for this star-crossed couple.

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