Colossal Trailer #2: Anne Hathaway is the Monster

Colossal (2017) - Anne Hathaway

Godzilla. King Kong. That strange-looking monster in the original Cloverfield movie. All have cemented their places in history as some of the most destructive and memorable creatures that the world of film has ever seen, but none are quite like the one featured in upcoming Nacho Vigalondo-directed (and written) sci-fi flick, Colossal.

Anne Hathaway leads the cast here as Gloria; an alcoholic who makes her way back to her hometown after a failed attempt of reinventing herself. Reconnecting with her old friend Oscar – played by Jason Sudeikis – she soon realizes that her path of self-destruction is causing actual destruction in the real world, as she shares a link with a huge monster smashing and bashing its way through Seoul.

All of that and more is showcased in the brand new trailer for the flick, which again shows the lighter-hearted approach to the genre of film than many would expect - along with Hathaway and Sudeikis’ co-stars, Dan Stevens, Tim Blake Nelson and Austin Stowell.

Here, we see Gloria and her former boyfriend breaking up before her life changes forever. When she discovers her incredible abilities, she wastes no time in sharing her news with her friends, and enjoying some fun while controlling the monster. It may not all laughter and joy however, as elaborate, thrilling and intense twists to the tale are being teased by those who saw the film during its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, in 2016.

Colossal (2017) - Anne Hathaway

Of course, there’s every chance that those excited to see Colossal could be left disappointed when all is said and done. Those who have criticized the film say that the metaphorical connections between Gloria and the monster are far too obvious and prominent, which could alienate those watching. No viewer likes it when they think those behind a film think they’re stupid and need everything handed to them on a platter.

We have high hopes, however. Having seen Hathaway in a variety of different roles throughout her career, it’s easy to get excited about her character here. She’s a master at bringing comedy to a film that usually wouldn’t have any and has proven herself the utter professional on more than one occasion. Aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes also promises great things from all, with the movie currently sitting at 79% on the reviews hub.

Colossal comes to theaters on April 7.

Source: Yahoo

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