Colony Season 3: Finale Recap & Ending Explained

Colony season 3 finale "What Goes Around" turned out to be the final episode of the sci-fi drama. Here's where the show left all the characters.

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It was the season finale that turned out to a series finale, so here's what happens in the final episode of Colony. Colony stars Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead) and takes place in a world where alien invaders have occupied the planet. Much of the show takes place in a walled-off section of L.A., and human forces working for the mysterious Host aliens keep strict control of the population.

Colony was co-created by Carlton Cuse (Bates Motel) and in addition to being an entertaining sci-fi series, it draws plenty of disturbing real-world parallels too. The main characters Will and Katie Bowman start the series trying to find their missing son Charlie, with season 3 following the reunited family after they've escaped L.A. and found shelter in an isolated log cabin. Naturally, their peace doesn't last long and the third season finds the Hosts at war with a new race of aliens called the Demis, with the fate of the planet in the balance.

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Colony built up a solid fanbase since it debuted but sadly it was cancelled after 3 seasons in 2018. This means third season finale "What Goes Around" is the last episode of Colony, even though it wasn't in any way designed as a conclusive ending. This episode ends with plenty of major cliffhangers too, with the Host's enemies preparing to attack. Season 3 was also rough on the Bowman family with Charlie shot dead in a previous episode.

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Colony's resident weasel of a villain Snyder, played by Peter Jacobson (House), implores Will to help make a deal where if 150 Outliers turn themselves over, the Hosts will defend Seattle from attack. Will is the first to volunteer to fight for the Hosts and soon this bleak quota is filled, and a shield later prevents the opposing alien forces from destroying the city. This episode of Colony also follows Katie as she tracks down son Bram, who refuses to tell her where his sister Grace is and insists she leaves or he'll turn her over.

Before volunteering, Will and Katie meet up one final time and after an argument about the events of the season, they make peace, though he doesn't tell her of his plan to turn himself over. Katie is later trapped outside Seattle when the Demis fire on the city, suggesting she might be killed in the blast. Amy and resistance member Broussard later take shelter in a bunker with other Outliers.

Colony season 3 very much ends on a cliffhanger note, with the fates of Will and Katie very much up in the air, which promised a dramatic season 4. Unfortunately, despite a passionate fan campaign to save the show, it looks like "What Goes Around" really is the final episode of the series.

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