Colony Season 3 Confirmed; Production Moving to Vancouver

USA renews its alien invasion drama TV series Colony for a third season, with the season 3 production taking place in Vancouver.

USA has renewed its alien invasion drama series Colony for a third season, with production on the show moving from California to Canada. It's the end of the world as people know it, and Hollywood seems to feel fine, judging by the sheer number of dystopian or outright apocalyptic movies and TV series to see release with each passing year. On the small screen side, easily the flagship of this movement is AMC's The Walking Dead, which - despite ratings drops during season 7 - is still one of the highest rated programs in all of TV. A different kind of societal end times are taking place via Colony, however.

Created by the duo of Calrton Cuse (Bates Motel) and Ryan J. Condal (Hercules), Colony stars former Lost anti-hero Josh Holloway and former The Walking Dead star Sarah Wayne Callies as Will and Katie Bowman, a married couple trying to get by in a dystopian near-future version of Los Angeles. This LA has been taken over as part of an apparent alien invasion, with rules enforced by human collaborators often referred to as Redhats. To protect his family - and try to find his missing son - Will is forced to join the Redhats in rounding up members of a resistance movement. Initially unknown to Will, Katie is secretly a member of said resistance.

Fans of Colony now have reason to celebrate as Deadline confirms that USA has renewed the series for season 3, just ahead of this Thursday's season 2 finale. As with season 2, season 3 will consist of 13 episodes, which are expected to air in 2018. However, a big change is coming behind the scenes for Colony, as season 3's production is expected to move from Los Angeles up north to Vancouver.

Colony TV show stars

As with many such decisions, Colony's move to Canada is tied to tax credits, as the series didn't receive one from California this time out. Unlike with some series that relocate, Colony's cast and crew is expected to stay intact despite the move to Vancouver. One wonders how much convincing this might have taken for star Holloway, who while promoting Colony back in 2015 remarked on how nice it was to be able to go home and see his family after each day of filming in LA.

The change in location may actually be explained away on-screen fairly easily though, as season 2 saw Will and Katie end up trying to flee Los Angeles after their various secrets were exposed to the authorities. One presumes that season 3 may see them accomplish that, since they'll be in a visually different place anyway. Ratings wise, Colony has been doing great for USA, regularly topping cable dramas on Thursday nights. Only time will tell whether the big move to Vancouver proves to be any type of hindrance creatively.

Colony's season 2 finale airs Thursday night on USA.

Source: Deadline

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