Colony Season 2 Trailer Promises Civil Unrest and Aliens

The trailer for the upcoming second season of Colony arrives, teasing an alien reveal and unrest amongst Los Angeles’ citizens.

Colony TV show stars

Carlton Cuse series Colony may not be the biggest television success in the world, but the futuristic action-packed sci-fi series has certainly garnered a loyal legion of followers through its first season on the air. Now officially picked up for a second season, viewers will rejoin the journey of former FBI agent Will Bowman (Josh Holloway) and his wife Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies); a couple who are now on opposing sides following the invasion of an extra-terrestrial force that has colonised their home; Los Angeles.

Maintaining steady viewership throughout its first 10-episode season, Colony was renewed for a second that will debut in just under two weeks’ time. USA Network have this week released a brand new trailer for the show, hinting at what we should expect when the drama does make its comeback. You can watch the preview, above.

The trailer shows there’s no slowing down in the aliens' (or ‘Hosts’) presence in a world that was once led by humanity, with Los Angeles now becoming the test hub for a new initiative. With cameras in every single corner, nook and cranny of houses, public places and the like, there really is no escaping the Occupation. This of course is going to make it harder than ever for Will and Katie to remain on sparring sides and maintain a relationship while hoping to bring their family back together. The trailer also features a first glimpse at what kind of aliens have taken over, but only in a long shot.

Colony TV show stars

Knowing that Colony is about to ramp up the drama once more is an exciting prospect. If there’s one thing the first season of the show did well, it was build tension and keep the audience on the edge of their seat, wondering just who would survive as alliances were shattered and lives were taken at the blink of an eye. As drones dominated the skies of LA, we waited at home on tenterhooks wondering who the unlucky flock would be to fall under their unapologetic gaze.

Of course, what the writers of the show need to be careful about now is turning this into just another sci-fi alien invasion flick. In the first season they managed to maintain a unique form and deliver something that hadn’t really ever been seen on television before. Coupling that with the brilliant performances by leads Holloway and Callies and they realized that they were onto something special. Letting their character development fall to the wayside would be a huge disappointment, but this writer is hopeful that the team behind the series are going to go above and beyond to ensure they maintain a steady and addictive flow of storytelling.

Colony returns to USA on January 12 at 10/9C.

Source: USA Network

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