Colony Season 1 Finale Hints at Bigger Things to Come

Will and Katie must learn to put their differences aside if they want to protect their family in the season 1 finale of Colony: Gateway.

[This is a review of the Colony season 1 finale. There will be SPOILERS.]


The first season of Colony was an inconsistent attempt at providing viewers with a more "realistic" version of what it would be like if we were ever occupied by aliens, or Hosts, or whatever you want to call them. Even with its inconsistencies, the series provided us with some memorable moments that will perhaps leave you wanting more.

The Carlton Cuse and Ryan Condal created drama isn't a bad show by any stretch, but it never excelled to the heights of other mystery-based shows, like Lost or Twin Peaks. There just simply wasn't enough uniqueness for it to stand out among the other plethora of dramas scattered around various networks. Again, this may sound like a bashing of USA's newest sci-fi thriller, but after watching 'Gateway', this reviewer wants to see more.

Getting to the good stuff, the best part about Colony are its human characters. Josh Holloway has the face, acting chops and charisma of a mainstream movie star, but for some reason it never took. Thankfully the handsome California-born actor has found a welcoming home in the over-crowded television landscape as Will Bowman. He's had to wear a lot of different faces this season, including working for the occupation, while also helping his wife with the resistance. Add to that his missing son Charlie on the other side of the wall and you have one messed up family. The finale ended with a heart-breaker as Katie Bowman finally realizes the toll all of this fighting has cost her family.

Sarah Wayne Callies' (The Walking Dead) portrayal of Katie was another highlight from this first season. Seeing the look on her face when she finally entered her empty house was well crafted and the actress played it perfectly. She's alone, and her children are scattered, each seeking their own path in this dystopian future. Even little Grace Bowman, who has been tutored by the creepy Lindsey is trying to understand where she fits in this world. Hopefully she won't see the Hosts as some kind of Jesus figure like her teacher would have her believe. There is no denying that the Bowman family is a unique bunch, so let's hope for some better character develop in season 2.

Colony also did a solid job with its secondary cast, especially the now "former" Proxy Snyder. When he's ushered away from his office it appears that he's been dealt a death sentence, but let's not give up on him yet. Wherever he goes next, Snyder will play a significant role. This may be wishful thinking, but it would be nice to see him get another chance to strengthen his relationship with his daughter.

Back with the resistance, Broussard is probably the coolest character on the show, with his shoot first as questions later approach. He's the kind of guy you'd want beside you if you were ever in trouble. It seems that some of the group are scared of him, but he's a necessity they can't do without. Katie's rationalization of killing the red-hats for the greater good was interesting. Is she trying to convince herself that all of this killing has purpose? That last shot of her alone in her kitchen looks like she's having second thoughts. Only time will tell.

Colony felt like a big tease this season, especially when we didn't get to see what the Hosts looked like. It's great to let things build, but after watching ten hours of a science fiction show where all of Los Angeles is occupied, one would expect to see a bit more of their occupiers. Season 2 promises to reveal even more, so hopefully that is a sign of better things to come. What did you think of the finale and what are you looking forward to seeing when the series returns in 2017?

Colony will return in 2017 on USA. Check out a behind the scenes look below:

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