Colony Canceled at USA Network after Season 3

USA Network cancels Colony after three seasons. Co-created by former LOST producer Carlton Cuse the show details a dystopian future where a plucky band of resistance fighters do battle against an authoritarian government and their recently arrived alien overlords. The show's third season wraps up later this week.

Starring Josh Holloway (Lost) and Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead), Colony debuted in 2016 to strong ratings, drawing in an average of 2.2 million viewers in Live+3 over its first two seasons. But ratings sagged in the third season after the show was forced to abandon its Los Angeles shooting location due to budgetary constraints, and executive producer Cuse stepped away to focus on his John Krasinski-starring Jack Ryan series for Amazon, leaving day-to-day operations up to co-creator Ryan Condal and executive producer Wes Tooke.

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As reported by Deadline, there will be no more Colony on USA Network beyond season 3, as the show has been canceled. The first hint Colony might not be returning came when the show was left off the roster at this year's San Diego Comic-Con after having a big presence there the previous two years.

Colony TV show stars

Of course, the cancellation of Colony doesn't automatically mean the show is gone forever. Though overall ratings fell off for the series in season 3, the show retains a solid core of fans, and there may well be a push by the fanbase to have another network pick up the series. Such a campaign recently succeeded in saving the sci-fi series The Expanse after it was canceled by Syfy. The canceled FOX show Lucifer also got a new chance at life after it was picked up by Netflix. The sci-fi series Sense8 may not have received a full revival after its own cancellation by Netflix, but fan outcry did manage to result in the series getting a proper two-hour finale.

Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon tend to be the targets of fan campaigns whenever shows go off the air, as they seem very amenable to padding their programming slates by picking up shows that have been dropped by traditional networks. But recently, even traditional networks have been getting in on the quick resurrection act, such as when NBC brought back Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Though it looks like Colony will end its run after three seasons, recent history has proven that fans should never say never when it comes to the future of a show that appears to be dead in the water.

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Source: Deadline

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