Is Edgar Wright's 'Collider' Going to be a Horror Film?

Edgar Wright on the set of 'Shaun of the Dead'

It's always comforting to have a nerd in behind the camera for a comic book movie, and Ant-Man director Edgar Wright is certified nerd royalty. After first finding international success with rom-zom-com Shaun of the Dead, Wright has since completed his Cornetto Trilogy with action movie homage Hot Fuzz and pub crawl sci-fi The World's End, and now his next assignment will be kicking off the third phase of Marvel's cinematic universe.

Beyond Ant-Man, though, Wright has a number of mysterious projects in the pipeline, including a film known only as Collider. Since it's in development at J.J. Abrams' notoriously secretive studio Bad Robot, the only thing known about Collider is that Wright is working on it collaboratively with writer Mark Protosevich (Oldboy). It may have some kind of fantastical or sci-fi premise, but the last time Wright was asked about the project he stayed tight-lipped, saying only, "It’s something I'm excited about but it’s a little ways off."

Another snippet of information has now emerged from Protosevich in an interview with AICN. When asked what he was allowed to say about it, Protosevich simply laughed and replied, "Zilch," but he couldn't resist dropping a couple of hints. The most interesting of these is his claim that Collider will be different from what fans are used to seeing from Wright:

"The one thing I'll say is that Edgar's movies have a certain tone, and this one might be a little unexpected because the main thing we're going for is scary. Smart and scary."

When pressed by the interviewer, Protosevich affirmed that he meant "not-winking scary," which means that this won't be the same breed of horror as Shaun of the Dead. While there's always room for a little comic relief in horror movies, the idea of a Wright movie that keeps fear at the forefront sounds very intriguing.

The World's End (Spoilers)

It's important to note the possibility, however slim, that Protosevich might not have been referring to Collider. In addition to Collider and a reboot of Night Stalker, Wright is also developing a film with Big Talk and Film4 that is said to be a more straight-forward horror with a lot less dialogue than Wright's films usually have. It's approximately 95% certain (using our patented quote analysis software) that Protosevich was referring to Collider in the interview, but since he describes Wright as "just delightful" to work with, perhaps he was enticed into working on Wright's other film as well.

Assuming that Protosevich was referring to Collider, this means that Wright is apparently developing two separate straight horror films, with Night Stalker possibly counting as a third. Could this be a new direction for the filmmaker, now that the Cornetto era has come to a close?


Ant-Man will be out in theaters on July 31st, 2015.

Source: AICN (via Bloody Disgusting)

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