15Samurai Ancestry And A Millenium-Old Katana

Colleen Wing Fighting

Descended from a family of Japanese samurai, Colleen Wing possesses some exceptional fighting abilities. She was trained by her grandfather, Kenji Ozawa, in northern Honshu, Japan. Not only was the maternal side of her family descendants of samurai and daimyo, but Ozama was also a member of the Japanese secret

service. Her only living parent - her father Professor Wing - taught Oriental studies at Columbia University in New York and could not help in her upbringing. Since her mother had passed away while she was a child, Colleen's grandfather dedicated his life to raising her.

After her grandfather was murdered by Hong Kong crime lord Emil Vachon, Colleen eventually moved to New York to join her father.  In his passing, her grandfather bequeathed her with what would become her signature weapon: a 1000-year-old Meitou (or “noted sword”). With her samurai lineage and martial arts upbringing, Colleen gained the foundation for her future as one for Marvel’s most skilled heroes.

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