New Zombie Film 'Colin' is the Talk of Cannes

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While I like seeing indie directors and movies like Colin getting their big break, I also cringe at the fact of a major Hollywood studio sinking their commercial claws into it. Evil Dead is a great series but I think most would agree that when Universal got involved with Army of Darkness, the tone and style of the movie changed. Independent movies lose what makes them feel independent when major studios acquire the rights. They start changing story arcs and character development for the sake of updating special effects.

At the same time, there really isn't any other way for the "little guy" to have their movie distributed to the masses. Although I have no doubt that Colin will have little trouble recouping its budget of $70, most indie films are shot on much more than that and have a hard time making those costs up without distribution.

I sincerely hope that Marc Price and his production company have much success with this and future endeavors. BTW: Are you perhaps wondering what Price spent his massive $70 budget on?

"We bought a crowbar and a couple of tapes, and I think we got some tea and coffee as well -- not the expensive stuff either, the very basic kind. Just to keep the zombies happy."

Horror and zombie fans out there, is Colin the type of film you would like to see on the big screen? Or do you feel it's better left at Cannes?

Source: CNN & Nowhere Fast Productions & Zombie Friends

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