New Zombie Film 'Colin' is the Talk of Cannes

There's a new zombie movie taking Cannes by storm - and no, it's not Rob Zombie's Halloween 2. It's the film Colin by British indie director Marc Price and it's getting a lot of attention because of how good it is and what it cost to make. Marc Price and his production company, Nowhere Fast Productions, put the entire movie together on a anemic budget of just $70.

It took Price eighteen months to film Colin and he did it by advertising for zombie actors on Facebook. To help keep his budget low, he had people bring their own lights, equipment and make-up.

Price told CNN during an interview:

"One of our make-up people came off 'X-Men 3,' so we were having the same latex that was put on Wolverine."

Price's story of Colin is so interesting, original and is generating so much buzz that when combined with the tiny budget, it has managed to put itself on the radar of some big Hollywood and Japanese studios.

Price said:

"A couple of friends were round a few years ago watching Romero's 'Dawn of the Dead',...and I wondered if a zombie movie from a zombie's perspective had been done before."

What he came up with was Colin, a zombie film "with a heart," and the web is already generating page after page of praise for the film. Zombie Friends called it "as original, compelling and thought provoking as [George] Romero's 'Night of the Living Dead,' and horror magazine SCARS said it would "revolutionize zombie cinema."

Check out the trailer for Colin below:



Be sure to check out the next page for a clip from Colin:

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