Colin Trevorrow Says Directing a Star Wars Movie is Bittersweet

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Star Wars: Episode IX director Colin Trevorrow is excited for the opportunity to play in the sandbox that is the galaxy far, far away, but the experience comes with a catch that makes him feel somewhat sad about the endeavor. As arguably the most popular film franchise of all-time, Star Wars has been thrilling audiences for 40 years with its trademark big screen spectacle and memorable characters. One of Lucasfilm's calling cards in this modern era is keeping a tight lid on plot spoilers, preserving the surprises for the millions of moviegoers on opening weekend. The marketing campaigns for both The Force Awakens and Rogue One were light on story details, and The Last Jedi looks to follow suit.

The studio keeps things hidden from even their licensing partners, but obviously, some people are walking into the theater with full knowledge of what happens. Trevorrow, who grew up on the original trilogy, won't be able to see The Last Jedi and Episode IX like so many others. For the first time in his life, he can't watch Star Wars movies as a fan.

In an interview with Empire, the director discussed a sacrifice he was willing to make in order to take his next job:

"Unfortunately, [The Last Jedi director] Rian's [Johnson] film is the first one I won't be able to watch as an audience member. I got that privilege with The Force Awakens. I just got to go see it with a Star Wars fan. I got to sit next to my kid and just giggle as we read the crawl because we were so excited. Rogue One was the same way. I didn't see it in advance. That time is over now. Star Wars is no longer that experience for me. If there's anything kind of sad about it, it's that I don't get to have that."

Since Trevorrow's movie is the direct sequel to Episode VIII, the Jurassic World helmsman needed to be privy to all the twists and turns Johnson had in store in order to write the script. It will surely be exciting to see the final product when it's complete, but it won't be the same for Trevorrow. Watching The Last Jedi in full will simply be a formality for him come December; gone will be the great mystery of the unknown and sense of wonder several audience members will feel. Trevorrow notes that he "wouldn't trade it," so he's definitely aware of his good fortunes. Being able to contribute to the Star Wars legacy and possibly end the entire Skywalker saga is a thrill in its own right.

And Trevorrow is still going to be able to channel his passion for the material in a different way behind the camera. He's gone on record saying his intention is to ensure Episode IX ends the sequel trilogy on an emotionally resonant note, and he will pour his heart and soul into the project. This isn't a matter he's taking lightly. Like his fellow Disney-era Star Wars directors, Trevorrow understands better than most what the property means to fans - because he's one of them, too. His goal from here on out should be to deliver a movie that delights and surprises all the viewers who will walk into Star Wars 9 fresh with no idea about what's to come.

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Source: Empire

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