Colin Farrell Offered Lead Role in 'Total Recall'

1990's R-Rated sci-fi adventure film Total Recall is another item on the infinitely growing list of remakes. Poised as a different retelling of Philip K. Dick’s short story and to be directed by Len Wiseman, Total Recall is on the verge of getting its new leading man.

Wiseman made public his wishes for Irish star Colin Farrell to star as construction worker Douglas Quaid three weeks ago and while growing stars Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender have been mentioned for the part, Sony has reportedly offered the gig to Farrell.

Variety has the exclusive that Farrell received the offer last week and is currently in negotiations with Sony for the role. Should he accept, Colin Farrell will be to Arnold Schwarzenegger (for Total Recall) what Karl Urban is to Sylvester Stallone (for Judge Dredd) in sci-fi/action remakes.

Paul Verhoeven's Total Recall is based on the Philip K. Dick story "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale," and tells the thought-provoking and imaginiative story of construction worker Douglas Quaid who frequently has vivid dreams of traveling to Mars. This inspires Quaid to purchase a virtual vacation to Mars (it's the year 2084 and they can implant memories) and the process triggers memories for Quaid of who he really is. Now on the run and remembering he's an agent named Hauser, Quaid makes his way to Mars meeting apparent friends and foes of old. But in the end, viewers are left wondering if it was all a big dream or a virtual memory.

The Total Recall remake is based on a script from Kurt Wimmer (Salt, Equilibrium) and Farrell's addition to the cast would offer an entirely different set of character traits than Schwarzenegger brought audiences through his inter-planetary journey. Farrell's profile and career has taken a positive turn in recent years with award-worthy performances in Crazy Heart and In Bruges to name just a few, and I'm sold on the idea of him as Wiseman's leading man.

Stay tuned for more as we hear it on story and casting for Total Recall. Expect it to hit theaters in 2012.

Source: Variety

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