'Cold Light of Day' Trailer: Henry Cavill Has Deadly Daddy Issues

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Summit Entertainment's The Cold Light of Day reads as being just another average entry in the mystery-thriller genre - with a slight Hitchockian twist, involving a vacationing young man's family falling into danger due to the secret history of his otherwise seemingly-benign father.

That is, at least, before you learn that the film features Immortals star and the new Superman in Man of Steel (Henry Cavill), along with longtime fan-favorite acting veterans such as Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver - as the movie's shrewd anti-hero and calculating villainess, respectively. In that regard, The Cold Light of Day suddenly becomes a film worth your attention.

The Cold Light of Day was scripted by newcomer John Petro and Scott Wiper (Captain Jack, The Condemned), with filmmaker Mabrouk El Mechri - a.k.a. the writer/director responsible for the cleverly self-reflexive indie flick JCVD - holding the directorial reins. Take that decidedly mixed collective resume for what it's worth.

This film both reads and looks (based on the trailer) like a case of "casting overkill," where several A-listers and respectable thespians are signed on for what is otherwise a pretty conventional and run-of-the-mill thriller (similar to the recently-released Man on a Ledge) that involves CIA agents with dubious agendas, dangerous criminals, and an ordinary man desperately attempting to track down the mysterious MacGuffin suitcase that will save both him and his loved ones.

The Cold Light of Day sadly comes off another potential instant-throwaway Hollywood thriller - which would make two busts in a row for Weaver, between this and last year's (teenage) Jason Bourne-style flick, Abduction. On the other hand, perhaps she, Willis, and Cavill will ultimately have managed to help elevate this flick above the level of being a disposable B-grade action movie.

We will find out for certain when The Cold Light of Day hits theaters in the U.S. on April 6th, 2012.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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