'Cold Comes the Night' Trailer: Bryan Cranston Takes Alice Eve Hostage

Bryan Cranston and Alice Eve in 'Cold Comes the Night'

Taking a bag full of riches from a dead body is never a good idea - as movies like Shallow Grave have proven - but that isn't enough to stop characters from doing it anyway. Just as well, because without this kind of decision-making we wouldn't have Tze Chun's Cold Comes the Night, a crime thriller starring Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) as a career criminal who kidnaps a struggling motel owner played by Alice Eve (Star Trek Into Darkness) and takes her hostage, along with her young daughter.

The new trailer for Cold Comes the Night is worth watching if only to hear Cranston's frankly quite convincing Russian accent, but on the face of it the film looks like fairly standard thriller fare. The cast is what's most likely to elevate Cold Comes the Night above the rest of the crowd; in addition to Eve and Cranston, the film also stars Logan Marshall-Green (Prometheus), Ursula Parker (Louie) and Leo Fitzpatrick (The Wire).

The worldwide distribution rights to Cold Comes the Night have just been secured by Sony Pictures, so while the film is still in post-production and currently doesn't have a release date we can hopefully expect to hear more details soon. There's a possibility that Cold Comes the Night will end up getting a limited theatrical release, but there's also a certain likelihood that it will be direct-to-DVD.

Bryan Cranston and Alice Eve in 'Cold Comes the Night'

It's promising to see Eve, who has been enjoying a steadily rising career path, take on a role that's quite different to those that she's played before. Frequently cast as a classic English beauty in films like Starter for 10 and She's Out of My League, being given a make-under for the lead in a character-driven indie film makes for a good counter-balance to her supporting role in this year's big-budget addition to the rebooted Star Trek franchise. Add in the prospect of Cranston back in a villain role and Cold Comes the Night is definitely worth at least a rental.

Does this trailer leave you eager to see more of Cold Comes the Night, or are you feeling indifferent? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments.


Cold Comes the Night doesn't yet have a release date, but hopefully Sony will announce something soon.

Source: TotalFilm

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