The Coen Bros. 'True Grit' Snags Christmas Release

True Grit - the Coen brothers

We learned in March of last year that the great Coen Brothers were set to bring us a remake/new adaptation of True Grit, which was originally a novel that was adapted into a classic John Wayne film of the same name in 1969 (the one and only time Wayne won an Oscar, FYI). The Coen's version will star Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and possibly Josh Brolin.

In an update, Variety recently reported that Paramount Pictures is planning on releasing True Grit on Christmas Day 2010. That puts it on the latter end of the season when "Oscar-bait" films usually get released, and if they make it anywhere near as good as their multiple Oscar-winner, No Country for Old Men, then I have no doubt we'll see the Coens making yet another appearance at the Oscars in 2011.

Bridges is set to play U.S. Marshall Rooster Cogburn (originally played by Wayne), who teams up with Matt Damon's lawman character (originally named La Beouf and played by Glen Campbell). Damon is listed as co-starring, so it appears the previous talks he was in for the role went well. There's no mention of Brolin in Variety's article, so either that means talks fell through with him or they're still going on (I suspect the latter - after all, Brolin starred in No Country for Old Men).

There was a casting call last month for the part of the 14-year-old girl whose father is murdered (by the character Brolin would play if he's cast), which sets the whole plot in motion. There's no word on who the studio has in mind for the role, but the guys over at Collider make a smart suggestion with Chloe Moretz, who is fast-rising stare due to her roles in both Kick-Ass (where she swears like a sailor) and the English-language remake of Let the Right One In, entitled Let Me In. I personally think Collider is right on the money with that casting suggestion.

Are you looking forward to the Coen Brothers' version of True Grit? Is Moretz a good choice to play the little girl or do you think another young actress would be a better choice (if so, who)?

As stated, True Grit is set to be released on Christmas Day this year. Shooting is expected to begin this March.

Sources: Variety and Collider

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