'Rescue Me' Alum Cody Horn Joins 'The Office'

How will The Office fare after Steve Carell leaves in April? If the casting of fashion model/actress Cody Horn is any indication, not well.

Horn will take one of three new roles in the show's rejuvenation effort. The other two, Stanley's second daughter and a male accountant, have yet to be cast.

The newcomer will be unfamiliar to The Office's prime demographic, as she's had relatively little exposure - aside from the catwalk. Her only TV role so far was an arc on Rescue Me last year as Garrity's girlfriend Emily. The role was small but memorable, thanks to the character's flatulent romantic tendencies (yes, you read that right). Horn's only other significant acting credit was a supporting role in Rob Reiner's coming-of-age romance Flipped.

Horn will play an amiable and intelligent office-goer. The only other significant information about the part is that she'll be a romantic interest for Creed Bratton (played by, well, Creed Bratton). The geriatric creepster opposite the twenty-something beauty will presumably be played for laughs. Cody Horn's character is set for a single story-arc for now - at the moment her permanence is undecided.

To put it lightly, this isn't a promising development. Comedy shows rarely survive long after the loss of a leading character like Michael Scott. Given the decidedly tertiary descriptions for the three new roles, it looks like writers for The Office don't have a clear replacement in mind, instead opting to promote existing cast members to more prominent roles.

Steve Carell & the ladies of The Office.

On a show with as many strong and beloved characters as The Office, they might just pull it off - but I wouldn't hold my breath. The casting choice is no less worrisome. Horn's comedic sensibilities are largely untested, and The Office's quirky humor demands perfect timing for its deadpan mocumentery style to shine through.

Were I in the casting mood, I'd take a look at fellow NBC show 30 Rock's ditsy assistant Cerie (played by Katrina Bowden). Bowden is young, attractive, and manages to steal the scene with short, perfectly-timed one-liners more often than not. Even with her youth she's racked up more comedy points than Horn, and working on small roles on the same network wouldn't present a major challenge. Oh well - there's still another female role to be filled.


The Office airs Thursdays @9pm, on NBC

Source: TV Line

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