(Possibly) Coming To A Theater Soon - Code Name: Zeus

Code Name: Zeus is a new comic book coming out from Graykin Entertainment, and it looks promising. What's really interesting is they're pushing to get the property made into a film - either live action or animated.

The comic has some back story to it: It's set in the future, where governments have become super corporations, and Olympus Corp. wants to merge all of these companies into one.  As it turns out, the power of the gods (such as Zeus) is bestowed on several younger and unwitting heroes:

President Neoptolemus has begun to train and equip this group of young heroes to act as a security force for New Olympus. Leading the group is self-absorbed Sam Williams - a young man who manifests the King of the Greek gods.

Taking the code-name Zeus, Sam must master his own past to lead his team of deified avatars to uncover the mystery that threatens New Olympus and the very fabric of the universe.

We're seeing this more and more: Comic book properties are being sent out to potential studios and producers in the hope that a film deal can be struck. Sometimes before a comic book even has too many issues shipping (like Mark Millar's Kick Ass). No one can argue that superhero movies are hot, but sometimes it gets ridiculous.

Anyway, you can check out the special Code Name: Zeus trailer that was put together to help promote the comic and the potential movie:


Plus, check out this interview with Daniel Vest, the creator of Code Name: Zeus:


This looks fairly promising, and it might make a cool movie.

What do you think?

For more details and to download a preview copy of the comic, visit Graykin Entertainment.

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