Fast & Furious' Sung Kang Joins the Amells' Sci-Fi Film Code 8

Stephen and Robbie Amell's indie sci-fi film Code 8 is one step closer to becoming a reality as a new cast member joins the project. Early last year, word began to bubble to the surface that Arrow's Stephen Amell and his cousin Robbie had begun working on a short film based on an original sci-fi concept. Dubbed Code 8, the short takes place in a world where a small percentage of the Earth's population have special powers. Similar to the mutants in Marvel Comics, these individuals are feared and hunted by the government. The 10-minute short premiered a year ago, working as a proof of concept and a way to kick off a highly successful crowdfunding campaign.

While Stephen wasn't able to appear in the short due to working on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, he produced it and voiced a drone pilot. Meanwhile, Robbie and Fast & Furious actor Sung Kang starred in the short as a special and the head of the universe's main police unit, respectively. With the money lined up and Arrow on break, both of the Amells are all set to appear in the film under the direction of Jeff Chang, who helmed the short. And now, it looks like the short's other star is on board as well.

THR is reporting that Kang, known for playing Han in the Fast & Furious franchise, will be reprising his role as Agent Park in the new film. He'll be hunting down various specials, including Robbie Amell's Conner Reed. Reed will be seeking ways to may for his mother's medical bills, which will lead him to the movie's criminal underworld, ruled by Stephen Amell's character Garrett.

Han Seoul-Oh in Fast and Furious

Kari Matchett, Greg Bryk and Aaron Abrams will also star, with the Amells both producing. The film is shooting to release in 2019, giving it plenty of time to film and promote. There was also word last year that Victor Garber and other Arrowverse stars would be joining the film, along with both Amells. After starring in The CW's Tomorrow People, Robbie Amell went on to play Ronnie Raymond on The Flash. Eventually, he'd become the first Firestorm along with Garber's Martin Stein. Fans will no doubt love the idea of the two actors reuniting, even if it's not as the nuclear-powered superhero.

There's no telling how big Stephen's roll will be, but he won't have long before Arrow is back in production. Writing has already begun for the series, and it's all set to premiere in early October. It won't be long until shooting starts, so Garrett could prove to be a smaller part in the film. Kang, meanwhile, is rumored to be making his return to the Fast & Furious franchise, but the next film is likely still a year out from starting production.

Given the fan support for the film and the strong following the Amells have, Code 8 could prove to be a modest hit as an indie sci-fi film. Despite Arrow and The Flash's success, both Amell's haven't had many sizable film roles. That could all change if Code 8 wows audiences in 2019.

Source: THR

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