Coco Trailer #2: Pixar Journeys to the Afterlife

Miguel and Dante in Coco Trailer Disney Pixar

Pixar's next adventure, Coco, journeys into the afterlife -- and gives fans another look at its world in the newest trailer for the animated feature. Starring Anthony Gonzalez as the voice of Miguel, Coco centers on the Day of the Dead celebrations, and a young boy who desperately wants to become a musician. Courtesy of a magical moment with his hero's guitar, Miguel finds himself in the afterlife, where his dead relatives have to help him return to his own world.

Disney/Pixar have already given fans a look at Coco's world, thanks to a teaser trailer that focuses on Miguel and his idol and a short about his adorable dog's love of bones, but so far only glimpses have been had of the underworld itself. Now, a new trailer has been released, and it reveals this colorful underworld in all its glory.

The trailer, posted by Disney/Pixar, comes in at just under a minute and a half long. It covers some scenes that have already been released, including Miguel's use of the magic guitar that changes his life, and a moment where he unfolds a photo of his family. However, it is also full of brand new scenes and footage, including a train station in the afterlife that ferries the dead to the land of the living, and the family that must help Miguel on his journey.

Miguel and Dante in Coco Trailer Disney Pixar

The trailer effectively builds on the teasers that have come before it, expanding on how (and why) Miguel ends up in the afterlife, but not giving away anything about how he will find his way back home again. The underworld itself really fits with the tone of the posters and sneak peeks so far, with plenty of vibrant colors and lots and lots of people (well, dead people). This is a far cry from the usual portrayal of the afterlife, which is usually either white, fluffy, and peaceful, or a dark and gloomy place (like Disney's foray into Hades domain in Hercules).

One of Pixar's greatest strengths is in taking the audience to a place that they have never been before -- whether that is into the secret life of toys, the world where the monsters in the closet live, or even into the character's own mind and inner world, and Coco looks like it's going to do a fantastic job of exploring another new world.

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Source: Disney/Pixar

Key Release Dates
  • Coco (2017) release date: Nov 22, 2017
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