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Disney and Pixar take you behind the scenes of Coco with a look at the creation of Miguel (voice of newcomer Anthony Gonzalez) and Abuelita (Renee Victor). The animated film already has a Golden Globe for Best Animated Picture and is looking to do the same at the Oscars in March where it is nominated for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song for the catchy "Remember Me."

Like most Disney Pixar films, Coco is gorgeously animated and more emotional for the adults in the audience than it is for the kids. The film tells the story of Miguel and his passion for music - in a family where music is strictly forbidden. His talent takes him on an adventure to the Land of the Dead where he learns the truth about his family's history and his place in the story. Along the way he is united with deceased family members and his hero, the musician, Ernesto de la Cruz (Benjamin Bratt).

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Movies Anywhere released a clip looking at how the characters of Miguel and his grandmother, Abuelita, came to life. According to director Lee Unkrich, Miguel was the very first character designed for the film. His look was inspired in part by lead character designer Danny Arriaga's son. Co-Director Adrian Molina, who also wrote the film, spoke of the importance of Abuelita's role in the film.

"She is the matriarch of the living Rivera family. We always knew we needed her to be the keeper of the rules, but we also needed her to be the heart of the family, the first person to give a hug or show her affection."

It's always amazing to see how animated films come together, especially one as visually stunning as Coco. The film takes Pixar's storytelling to the next level with its depiction of the Land of the Dead and inspired musical numbers. Most importantly, it portrays the holiday Day of the Dead respectfully and includes many nods to Mexican culture. Many of the actors who lent their voices to the film are Latino as well as many of the crew members, including Molina. The studio even brought in consultants to make sure they properly represented the Mexican culture. It is refreshing to see newer Disney and Pixar films like Coco and 2016's Moana telling diverse stories and introducing children - and their parents - to new cultures and heroes.

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Coco is available for digital purchase today. The Blu-ray/DVD will be available in stores on February 27th.

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