Cobra Kai: 10 Things We Want to See in Season 3

The second season of Cobra Kai has been released on YouTube Red, continuing the world of The Karate Kid. After Miguel Diaz and Cobra Kai won the All-Valley Tournament, the second season shows the ramifications of what that means for the dojo and the people in the valley. Featuring more characters, development, and stakes than ever before, it seems that things are only getting more intense for Johnny Lawrence.

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With a third season already in the cards after a dramatic season two finale, here are 10 things we'd like to see in Cobra Kai season three. Spoilers for the second season are ahead.

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While Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso have been feuding throughout most of Cobra Kai, the show has proven that the two know how to get along. That will likely be a crucial element going forward. The season two finale revealed that Kreese had taken over the Cobra Kai dojo once more and gave Johnny the axe.

This puts him without a dojo, top student, and people that care about him. With Daniel at an all-time low as well, it will likely take the both of them working together to take down Kreese and his bloodthirsty students. That would be great to see.


Miguel and Sam had a cute relationship in the first season of Cobra Kai, which was shortly brought to an end. However, season two revealed that the two shared feelings toward one another, despite being awkward and sometimes hostile. The two did share a kiss near the end of the season, which was a snowball effect that led to the big school brawl.

Now that Miguel is in the hospital with his life in jeopardy, we would like to see the two characters reconcile. This doesn't necessarily mean that they have to start a relationship again, but at least be on good terms.


There were a few mentions of Ali Mills, Johnny Lawrence's high school girlfriend from The Karate Kid, in Cobra Kai. The second season was much more overt with those references, with Johnny reaching out to her on Facebook and her giving him a friend request in turn.

With the season ending on a shot of Johnny's phone with Ali's friend request, it seems all but confirmed that Ali will be making her official return in the show's third season. What this means for our main characters remains to be seen, but there's no doubt it could provide Johnny a chance to redeem himself in her eyes.


The ending of Cobra Kai's second season was pretty big. Not only did Johnny lose the dojo to Kreese, but Miguel Diaz (the very first student of Johnny's Cobra Kai) ended up hospitalized after a fight with Robby went horribly awry. The season ends before we get a definitive answer as to whether Miguel will pull through or not, but we sure hope he does.

In many ways, Miguel's character development still has time to grow. He has the chance to fully redeem himself after his dirty victory at the All-Valley Tournament. He also has unresolved tension with other characters in the show.


While the last episode in season two gave us a dynamic school battle between the students of Miyagi-Do and Cobra Kai, the battle has become a war thanks to John Kreese taking over the dojo. With him insistent on winning the war, the new Miyagi-Do will have to train like never before.

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The Cobra Kai students will also have no moral qualms with showing no mercy thanks to Kreese's brutal teaching style. Miyagi-Do will likely need Johnny Lawrence's help if they stand a chance at defending themselves against Cobra Kai. Hopefully, this would give Johnny and Daniel the chance to put their differences aside.


It's safe to say that Johnny and Robby's relationship isn't a great one. Because Johnny was never there for his son, Robby grew to resent him. Couple that with how Cobra Kai unfairly attacked him at the All-Valley Tournament, and that nearly solidified how Robby felt about his father.

That said, after Robby was kicked out of the LaRusso residence, he turned to his father for help. While they have a long way to go yet, perhaps this is the chance for them to fix their relationship. After being the one who put Miguel in the hospital, Robby is going to need all the support he can get.


It's no secret that Johnny Lawrence and John Kreese have very different teaching styles. Many Cobras already left when Kreese started introducing more dangerous techniques. Now that's completely taken over, we'd wager that more Cobras will leave the nest as well.

Hopefully, characters like Aisha will see the problems with Kreese's methods and work with Miyagi-Do to combat them instead. It could also give more characters a chance to show that they aren't completely villains. Now, with Kreese in charge, those working with him are likely going to be painted that way going forward. Season three will, perhaps, give us more black and white characters.


After having essentially no character progression in season one, Anthony LaRusso was hardly in Cobra Kai's second season. The video game-loving son of Daniel LaRusso, it seemed all but a matter of time that he would take after his father. However, he still seems uninterested in learning karate and getting involved in physical fights.

With Daniel and his students fighting an uphill battle by the end of the second season, Miyagi-Do is going to need every fighter they can get. If Johnny works with Daniel, his more aggressive teaching style could be just the thing that convinces Anthony to join the fight.


Cobra Kai's first season brought back the All-Valley Tournament to give older viewers many of those memories. With Cobra Kai winning the tournament, season two didn't feature it. With season three and Kreese's new dojo on the rise, it's possible that the All-Valley Tournament could make a return.

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It would be an interesting change of pace to see Johnny and Daniel entering as friends rather than rivals as they worked together to take down John Kreese. With Ali potentially there in the mix, it could feel just like old times, but with much more at stake. Instead of a retreading of old territory, it could take viewers down a new path.


Despite being a member of Cobra Kai, Sam's friend Aisha has tried to stay on good terms with her. The two shared many great moments in both seasons, but the second season proved that their paths were starting to diverge. With Miyagi-Do and Cobra Kai students at each other's throats, Sam and Aisha weren't on great terms.

This was further complicated with Tory's arrival and her rivalry with Sam. We hope that Aisha won't stay with Kreese in season three and that it would give her and Sam the chance to become best friends again, working toward the same goal.

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