Cobra Kai Teaser Trailer #2: Johnny is the Sensei Now

The second teaser trailer for Cobra Kai has been released. In the movie The Karate Kid and its three sequels, it was easy to tell who the good guys were and who the bad guys were. The good guys were kind, honest, and patient, the bad guys were cruel, cheaters, and impulsive. The good guys only used karate when they needed to, in order to take a stand, or protect themselves and others. The bad guys used it to push others around. Three decades later, good and bad are not so clear.

Few details have been revealed so far about YouTube Red's series Cobra Kai - a follow-up to The Karate Kid. But what information we do know makes it seem like the lines of good and evil are being blurred. Fittingly, thirty years after high school, former bully Johnny Lawrence has a thankless job and is barely scraping by, while underdog Daniel LaRusso is successful and happy. But Johnny is looking for a purpose, and he finds it when he re-opens the Cobra Kai dojo. To complicate matters, Johnny starts teaching a bullied boy, and one of the kids bullying him is dating Daniel's daughter, potentially putting both men on the opposite sides of a similar rivalry to the one they had as teenagers.


Now YouTube Red has released the second teaser trailer for the series on the Cobra Kai page. While the first trailer focused largely on the re-opening of Cobra Kai and the still existing animosity between Johnny and Daniel, this one is entirely about Johnny and his students.

In the original movie, the students studying at the Cobra Kai dojo were the golden boys - athletic high school elite. The class Johnny teaches now is a class of misfits. Children and teens of different ages and very different shapes and sizes. Even so, Johnny teaches the same way he was taught, to strike hard and first with no mercy, and to ignore all pain and fear. And in a funny tip of the hat to how Mr. Miyagi taught Daniel karate, Johnny does not care how his students wash the windows.

An earlier behind the scenes photo showed that after all these years, actors William Zabka and Ralph Macchio have remained friends, unlike their characters. If Johnny is using the same harsh methods to teach karate that the sadistic John Kreese used to teach him, Daniel will almost certainly have something to say about it. Especially if the kids he is teaching attend school with Daniel's daughter. After all, some rivalries never die.

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The first season of Cobra Kai will be released on YouTube Red later in 2018.

Source: Youtube Red

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