Cobra Kai: 10 Fights We Want To See In Season 3

What should have been a nostalgic trip through memory lane turned into tragedy as the last moments of Cobra Kai’s second season considerably ramped up the emotional stakes through a brutal all-out brawl. The feud between Miyagi-do and Cobra Kai is only about to get worse, and the members of each side have a lot to fight for and lose.

With the stage set for a number of rematches and new fights between Johnny (William Zabka), Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio), and their respective allies, fans are nothing short of excited for what lies in store for the martial artists. Here are the 10 fights that we want to see in Cobra Kai season three when it returns to Youtube Red next year.

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10 Daniel Vs Johnny

Cobra Kai wouldn’t exist if not for the rivalry between Daniel and Johnny. But in an amazing turn of events, the two seemingly put their confrontational pasts behind them. This doesn’t mean that the two still can’t have a rematch, though it doesn’t have to be fueled by hatred.

If the two join forces to face their common enemy (more on that later), Daniel and Johnny could still have a sparring match for old times’ sake. Either that or old wounds could be reopened in season three, leading to a violent confrontation between the two aging fighters.

9 Daniel Vs Kreese

While Johnny legitimately tried to change his ways, his former mentor Kreese had other plans. By the end of the second season, Kreese successfully pulled off a coup to not only seize control of Cobra Kai from Johnny but also take his students as well.

If not for Kreese’s actions, things wouldn’t have escalated as bad as they did, especially during the ill-fated school brawl. This could be Daniel’s chance to avenge his students and finally take the fight to the manipulative Kreese. Additionally, Kreese was also the man behind Daniel’s hardships in Karate Kid III.

8 Johnny Vs Robby

The last that’s been seen of Johnny’s estranged son Robby was after he severely injured (or possibly killed) Miguel by kicking him off the school’s second floor. Shocked at the severity of his attacks, Robby flees and is never seen again afterwards.

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Johnny and his son never really saw eye to eye and the only way the two may be able to settle their differences is through violence – which tragically seems to run in the family. The fact that Johnny treats Miguel like a son could further embitter an already troubled Robby, leading to this potential father-son fight.

7 Miguel Vs Kreese

Should Miguel recover from his severe spinal injury, he could redeem himself by challenging the man who corrupted him: Kreese. As the second season went on, Miguel was torn between following the reformed Johnny and the aggressive Kreese.

For a while, Miguel took Kreese’s words to heart before realizing that his methods took things too far. Miguel was able to break free from Kreese’s teachings at the last minute and return to Johnny, who was more intent on making sure that his students didn’t repeat his mistakes. For these reasons, Miguel could fight Kreese in Johnny’s name.

6 Sam Vs Hawk

Though they had some fights, Hawk and Miguel still consider each other to be friends. Following Miguel’s injury during the school brawl, it would only make sense for Hawk to avenge his friend by lashing out on the person he may see as the cause of it all: Sam.

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Even before the big fight (which started between Tory and Sam), Hawk could still bear a grudge against Daniel’s daughter for the humiliation she, Demetri, and Robby did to him and his crew. A rematch between the two (with or without help) is bound to happen.

5 Stingray Vs Johnny

One of the strangest members of the newly resurrected Cobra Kai is Raymond aka Stingray. At first, Raymond acts as the series’ laughably immature comic relief who even names himself “Stingray” in an attempt to “flip the script.”

But by the season’s end, Stingray becomes a legitimate threat when he’s shown using his training from Kreese to quickly dispatch Daniel’s students. Johnny may have no choice but to put the bumbling brute down before he causes more damage. That, and the mere idea of Johnny fighting the Metallica-loving Stingray is something to look forward to.

4 Daniel and Johnny Vs Cobra Kai

The most eagerly-awaited fight of Cobra Kai’s third season is Johnny finally facing Kreese, the man who made him the way he is today. But now that Kreese commands the revived Cobra Kai, Johnny may have no choice but to look for back-up in the most unlikely people.

That ally is of course Daniel, who also has an ax to grind against the new Cobra Kai. Seeing the two former rivals bury the hatchet by fighting a common foe won’t just be satisfying for Cobra Kai viewers but especially so for long-time Karate Kid fans.

3 Tory Vs Miguel

Despite obviously having feelings for Miguel, Tory may still have reason to fight her fellow Cobra Kai student because of their numerous misunderstandings. As far as Tory is concerned, Sam is only toying with Miguel and he’s falling for it all.

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Her envy may reach a boiling point where her love for Miguel turns to fury, thus violently exploding at the person of her affections. She already fought Sam, so Miguel may be her next target. Once again, this fight is highly dependent on Miguel’s survival but it’s a confrontation that seems fated to happen.

2 Aisha Vs Hawk

Often underestimated due to her physical appearance, Aisha quickly proved to be a natural Cobra in Johnny’s eyes when she wipes the floor with Miguel during a training session. But just because she’s impressed Johnny doesn’t mean she’s a Cobra lifer.

After Kreese seized control of Cobra Kai, Aisha is noticeably missing among the students, possibly hinting at her defection and loyalty to Johnny. Conversely, Hawk is a true-blooded Kreese convert. Seeing these two polar opposites clash would make for a unique fight.

1 Robby Vs Daniel

Cobra Kai’s third season is gearing up to be the most tragic as old rivalries and feuds are finally settled with blows. While it’s still up for debate, a possible heartbreaking fight could be between Daniel and Robby – someone he treats like his own child.

Despite being the son of his rival, Daniel put a lot of faith in Robby. How Daniel reacted to Robby following in Johnny’s violent footsteps has yet to be seen, but it isn’t going to be pretty. Robby may not be able to see clearly when he meets Daniel again, ensuing in violence.

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