SR Pick: Co-op of the Damned Presents 'Braaaaiinss...'

Co-Op Of The Damned Web Series

Over the last several years we have seen a steady increase in content created specifically for The Web. Certain web series have enjoyed phenomenal success (perhaps the most notable of which is Felicia Day's The Guild), creating a culture of Web-lebrities. Still others have created one-off online sensations - the most popular of which is Joss Whedon's Doctor Horrible's Sing A-Long Blog (again starring the lovely Ms. Day).

In the midst of this ocean of content, a few gems (that do not happen to have Felicia Day attached -- yet) rise to the surface. Here I invite you to experience the silly, good-natured and occasionally horrific humor of the web-series C0-Op of the Damned. It's a comedy for both lovers of horror - and those who prefer not to pee in their pants at the movies - about a haunted New York City apartment complex.

We present one of my favorite episodes here, a tale of romance that will speak to Dawn of the Dead fans everywhere. Take a look at the Co-Op of the Damned zombie-love episode "Braaaaiinss" starring Jamie Renee Smith, Chris Marquette and Paul Telfer, and find out more about this hilarious series below. Be sure to stay tuned for their upcoming stuffed animal episode, which will appeal to Teddy Ruxpin, as well as evil little girls / Child's Play lovers.

Here's the series info:

My Damn Channel's "Co-op of the Damned" is an award-winning web series about roommates from hell, going inside the hauntedest apartment building in New York. Created by Ned Ehrbar and brought to you by My Damn Channel, "Co-op of the Damned" proves there's something scarier than ghosts, zombies and demons: roommates.

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