Cloverfield Viral Campaign For The Unemployed

So just like that, J.J. Abrams secret monster movie codenamed "Cloverfield" has gone viral (at least in the circles I run in), and if you've got a lot of time on your hands I suppose jumping through all the hoops of the various pieces could be fun.

Me, I'm a busy guy, so I go for the shortcuts.

In addition to the website I posted about yesterday with nothing more than one image on it, the latest buzz surrounds the site, where you can find a puzzle to solve that is supposed to lead you to a number of hidden and very cryptic videos.

But hey, if you're between jobs and have a lot of time on your hands, have at it. :-)

There's also a blog, which is (no doubt, intentionally) bizarre and points to the former website. I also notice that some enterprising person has registered the matching domain name to the blogspot blog, copied it, and has made a few changes in order to try to cash in on all this. Not my favorite kind of person as the page is laced with profanity, despite the fact that it's cashing in on the viral campaign it slams the promotion of the film and links to a a t-shirt site with the sort of stuff on the front that I think is totally tasteless.

I did a tiny bit of messing around with this stuff and it's funny that the "owner" of the real blog lists his location as Latveria (the home of Dr. Doom, nemesis of the Fantastic Four and Iron Man in the Marvel Universe). The first post was made on July 4th. (Update: I could have SWORN that the location listed for the owner was Latveria, but it now shows "Latvia"... that could be my mistake, however the email below seems to indicate I did not misread the location.)

Through the "About" page on the blog, I thought I would take a stab and send an email to the owner, "Mezin Source" and I was very surprised to receive a reply, although it certainly didn't divulge anything:

Mr. Holtreman,

When you arrive in Latveria we will contact you.....

I think it's cool that I received any reply at all. :-)

If you want the answers to the puzzle(s) at, you can go here. That's probably a better option than trying to find the resulting videos on YouTube since they're being pulled down almost as fast as they're posted.

There's also a registered domain name: (no website there yet) which was registered on February 1st of this year by Paramount.

There's an awfully big "Lost" vibe to this whole thing...

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