The Funniest Fan Reactions to The Cloverfield Paradox

Warning: SPOILERS Below For Cloverfield 3:


Though it wasn't quite the hit with fans and critics the filmmakers hoped for, The Cloverfield Paradox has at least elicited the funniest responses from fans of the franchise.

Much like how the original Cloverfield monster materialized out of nowhere into New York City a decade ago, The Cloverfield Paradox was suddenly released on Netflix on Superbowl Sunday. A trailer aired during the Big Game was the only announcement that the third film of the Cloverfield franchise would be available to stream that night, which set off waves of excitement from fans, many of whom couldn't wait for the game to end so they could check out the newest Cloverfield film.

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A few days later, the reviews are in for The Cloverfield Paradox and the critical reaction was monstrously savage: Cloverfield 3 has a 19% Rotten score from 52 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes (though it has climbed from its low of 11%). This easily marks Paradox as the lowest rated film from producer J.J. Abrams and his production company Bad Robot's franchise. The poor reception from professional film reviewers lends credence to the theory that Paramount was aware that Paradox wasn't up to snuff as a theatrical release so they decided to dump it on Netflix and move on. The studio must have known the critics would be out for blood so releasing it directly to the people via Netflix allowed them to circumvent critics' warning fans about the film's quality before they saw it.

However, the response to Paradox from fans is more mixed. While many people agree with the critical reaction, there are also plenty of fans who enjoyed director Julius Onah's sci-fi tale of astronauts trapped on a space station after making a crucial error that opened a pathway to an alternate universe, which allowed the Cloverfield monsters to appear on Earth in the present and seemingly also in the past. Reaction ranges from "the film is actually good" to "so bad it's good" to "the film is just plain bad."  The latter two camps are naturally where funniest perspectives come from.

To show that it's not only possible but also good sport to enjoy The Cloverfield Paradox, we combed the Cloverfield Reddit page for the funniest reactions to the film:

1.2 hours in and I feel like I’m watching the season finale for a mid budget scifi tv show that I’ve never watched - losrockster

if i told myself last night that at 730pm id be 3 minutes into the newest cloverfield movie I'd slap myself with the wrath of an angry john goodman - SomehowStillAwake

Holy sh*t, this was actually a prequel to Pacific Rim - OctaMurk

I feel like this movie confirms literally anything could be in the "Cloververse." - Badger2Even the Tide ads? - Tiggi90

Man I’m still confused about the hand. Which dimension was controlling it to write that message? - ieffinglovesoup

Definitely not enough attention being shown to the printed bagel. - CuhryptoYou wouldn't download a gun... - SamuraiFlamencoBagel gun - LeSuperJuston

I need a 3d bagel printer in my life. might eat breakfast - Volkov5034

This film's Chekov's gun was an actual gun . . . created by a Russian. HA!!! - realitythief

Pretty sure a man would feel an army of worms and a fancy compass if they were suddenly transported into his body. Just saying. - randominternetdad

did barry just fuxk up the timeline again? - astnzzz



So am I one of the few people on this planet that likes this film maybe I should go to an alternate dimension where this film is liked more - nascarfreak123

Does any of this really matter since it is just a Tide ad? - Sanchi-Tachi

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