The Cloverfield Paradox Cast Learned Its Title the Night of Release

Even the cast of The Cloverfield Paradox didn't know what movie they were making until Super Bowl Sunday. The long-awaited win by underdog Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl wasn't the only surprise on Sunday. There are always some viewers who are more interested in the commercials than the game, including the yearly run of several highly anticipated movie trailers. So it wasn't really a shock to see the first trailer for The Cloverfield Paradox - the third movie in the Cloverfield anthology series. Until the trailer revealed that the entire movie would be streaming on Netflix immediately following the big game.

Until the Super Bowl spot premiered, there was no promotional material released about the film. No previous trailers or TV spots, no posters, no interviews. Nothing. The slow release of information leading up to a movie's release is traditionally a huge part of building anticipation and buzz. And in this day and age, with so much information on the internet, huge amounts of effort have been made in Hollywood to keep movies from being spoiled before they are released. With this series, J.J. Abrams, his production company Bad Robot, and Paramount Pictures are taking it even further and keeping entire movies under wraps, but others are starting to follow suit.

The fourth movie in the Hatchet franchise - Victor Crowley - was filmed in secret and shown at a single screening before being announced. And several teasers for a sequel to Crocodile Dundee (which turned out to be an ad for Australian tourism) created plenty of buzz (if, for bad reasons) though many people believed it was possible that it was a real movie filmed in secret.


And it turns out that the steps taken to keep the truth about The Cloverfield Paradox a secret were extreme. In a Live Q&A for the movie's Facebook page, actor David Oyelowo - who played Captain Kiel - revealed that even the cast didn't know the title of the movie they were making. The film was originally called God Particle and it wasn't revealed to him and the rest of the cast until a conference call on Superbowl Sunday what the movie's actual title was - much less it's release being after the game.

The actors not knowing that the movie was a part of the Cloverfield franchise does make sense within the context of the script. Each movie tackles a different subgenre of horror, and The Cloverfield Paradox is the only one so far which falls under the heading of science-fiction. Couple that with the only connecting ties to the previous two films being a face on a screen discussing some of the science fiction and the final shot in the movie. The first of those scenes was a cameo by actor Donal Logue that the rest of the cast probably never saw before streaming the movie themselves. The other was a shot with no actors in it at all.

Now that the shared universe of the Cloverfield movies has expanded so greatly, there are plenty more stories to explore. The Cloverfield Paradox set up a fourth movie very nicely and fans may even get a proper sequel that ties the films more closely together. Though whether such a huge secret can be kept from the franchise's fans - much less future casts and crews - for a second time remains to be seen.


Source: The  Cloverfield Paradox

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