When Will Cloverfield 3's Trailer Release?

Cloverfield 3 is real, with a release date in mid-April - so when will we get a trailer? We've known about God Particle for years, and it's long been confirmed that this Julius Onah-directed, adrift space station drama was actually the third in the Cloverfield anthology series, yet beyond that, little has been revealed about the film. Now, though, thanks to the recent release date shift to April 20, we may have an idea when the trailer will drop.

The series has always been dominated by counter-intuitive marketing that relies heavily on building internet hype - Cloverfield used intense mystery box tactics and a sprawling ARG to engage audiences, while 10 Cloverfield Lane appeared out of nowhere - so we can expect something similar for God Particle. However, while the trailers for the prior films dropped before anybody was really aware the films existed, that isn't true of the third. Indeed, it's quite likely that changing the date (again) is part of the marketing gameplan to get people aware.

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Given the film is less than four months away, a trailer could in theory drop at any time. However, despite all we've discussed, the franchise has still followed one, long-standing marketing rule: trailer release synergy. It's rare (albeit not unheard of) for studios to not put the first look at an upcoming movie with one their new releases, and it was crucially true for both previous Cloverfield films; they each debuted with a Paramount-produced Michael Bay film - Transformers and 13 Hours respectively - and found their way online shortly after.

As the next (and, importantly, only) film on Paramount's slate before God Particle is Annihilation on February 23, we can expect the trailer for Cloverfield 3 to drop earlier that week.

That's a very tight window from teaser to theater - it's less than two months - but is almost par for the course at this point. 10 Cloverfield Lane (which, remember, audiences knew nothing about) had its teaser drop on January 15 ahead of a March 11 release; a near-identical timeframe to what we have with Cloverfield 3. It would seem producer J.J. Abrams is using a similar tactic to Lane, rather than redefining the process.

This may actually explain the last minute delay. If Bad Robot were desperate to pair the teaser with a Paramount release, there were no other options earlier in 2018 and so it needed to be pushed after Annihilation. There was the opportunity to put it with Daddy's Home 2 on November 10, 2017 or Downsizing on December 22, but the latter was too close to the original February 2 date and releasing it with the former risked it getting lost in the shuffle with the likes of Avengers: Infinity War and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, undermining the surprise drop release.

All this said, there could be another, nearer possibility for the trailer drop, albeit it one that sidesteps a theatrical companion. The first Cloverfield was released on January 18, 2008 - almost a decade ago - and was initially so synonymous with the date that before a title was official many simply called it 01-18-08. The number is linked with the brand, and so it would be fitting of the off-kilter advertising angle to play with it. With J.J. Abrams, you never know.

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