How The Cloverfield Paradox Differs From The Original Script

God Particle Was A Murder Mystery In Space

However, shortly after, members of the Dandelion crew begin dying. First the dog, then Kiel and Mundy are killed by a mysterious assassin. The crew turns on each other, with Hamilton no longer sure who she can trust. During this time it is revealed that the particle accelerator is not part of a scientific mission, but a top-secret military one to create a weapon that will help the US defeat Europe. Martinez and Cosbi were sent to work on this weapon and had orders to kill the rest of the crew if the tests were successful.

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One by one the Americans are killed off until only Hamilton, Martinez, Monk, and Flynn remain. They eventually learn the deaths of their fellow crew members were caused by a member of the European military who was hiding on the space shuttle; the Europeans had wanted to steal the bomb for themselves.

In God Particle, like Cloverfield Paradox, Hamilton survives along with one other crew member. However, in the original version it is Monk, not Schmidt, who makes it out alive. Hamilton and Monk team up with Martinez, despite the fact that he betrayed the crew, to fight the Europeans. They realize they have to destroy the particle accelerator so no country can obtain its power. Martinez is redeemed by sacrificing himself to destroy the weapon he helped build. Hamilton and Monk escape on the European's spaceship, but both realize they do not know how to pilot it. A mysterious Spanish astronaut, who was hiding on the ship, happens to be a pilot and says he can get them home. God Particle ends with the two Americans and the new European astronaut heading home to Earth.

God Particle's Script Was Completely Changed To Connect To Cloverfield

The Cloverfield Paradox Monster

Evidently, in God Particle there are no alternate dimensions or monsters attacking Earth. In fact, there is no contact with Earth at all, with the only clues as to what is happening in the world outside of the space station come from months old news broadcasts. The original film is mostly focused on the who is killing the crew members, a closed room mystery that creates doubt around each character's motives and uncertainty over who to trust.

It wasn't just the monster that was added once the script became part of the Cloverfield universe, but the dimensions colliding and the destruction of space-time as well; everything with any connection to briding these seemingly separate films to be a part of the same continuity. Quite when this happened in the development process is unclear - it must have been before principal photography - but it leaves us with The Cloverfield Paradox bearing only a passing similarity to the God Particle that could have been.

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