Cloverfield 3 Rumored To Be Heading to Netflix [Updated]

Cloverfield 3 may be headed to Netflix according to movie industry rumors. The Bad Robot-produced sci-fi thriller has already faced several release delays due to extended post-production. David Oyelowo leads a cast that includes Daniel Bruhl, Elizabeth Debicki, Zhang Ziyi, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and John Ortiz. Julius Onah directs from a script by Oren Uziel and Doug Jung.

Cloverfield 3, also known by the title God Particle, takes place in the near-future onboard an orbiting space station. Disaster strikes for the station's crew when the entire earth appears to mysteriously vanish. The film's original script, a spec work by Oren Uziel, had nothing to do with the loosely-connected Cloverfield universe. The story later underwent extensive reworking and received a Cloverfield branding after J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot picked it up. A recent report claims Cloverfield Station as the movie's real title. Viral marketing for the film recently got underway on a mysterious website.

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The future of Cloverfield 3 now gets even murkier thanks to a rumor reported by movie insider Jeff Sneider via his Twitter. Scuttlebutt from the Sundance Film Festival says Cloverfield 3 may lose its theatrical release entirely and end up on Netflix. See Sneider's tweet below.

Overheard on the ground at Sundance: New Cloverfield movie may be heading to Netflix. No confirmation yet and I'm heading into a movie. Just passing along, since the delays HAVE been suspicious...

— Jeff Sneider (@TheInSneider) January 23, 2018

Update: Sneider is now reporting on The Tracking Board that Netflix is in negotiations to acquire the global distribution rights (with the exception of China) for Cloverfield 3. However, Netflix declined to comment.

Update 2: A post from the Korean Classification Board lists a Daniel Brühl-starring Bad Robot production submitted by Netflix, adding fuel to the theory the film will premiere on the streaming service.

Delays have plagued Cloverfield 3 over the past couple of years. Originally set for release by Paramount in February 2017, the film was pushed back first to October 2017, then to January 2018. The movie currently holds an April release date. Despite being just months from release, a trailer has yet to appear for the film. However, since 10 Cloverfield Lane also arrived with little advance marketing, the lack of a Cloverfield 3 trailer perhaps is not concerning. Awareness for Cloverfield 3 in fact appears rather healthy, as indicated by a recent Fandango poll naming it the most anticipated horror movie of 2018.

After the success of the original Cloverfield, rumors abounded of a possible Cloverfield expanded universe. Ultimately, Bad Robot would build out the brand, but in a novel way. The second film 10 Cloverfield Lane was not a traditional sequel but rather a new story loosely connected to the original film. This semi-anthology approach promised a freer expanded universe not married to a core narrative like the MCU or Star Wars. What mattered was the Cloverfield branding, a means of building awareness for original stories - gently reworked to fit the loose concept - that might not otherwise find audiences.

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However, with Cloverfield 3 it seems the loose universe approach has met with a stumbling block. So many production delays already did not bode well for the film. Now with a rumor that the movie may land at Netflix, it seems the film formerly known as God Particle has major problems. As of now, however, this remains a rumor only. We've reached out to Paramount for a comment.

Source: Jeff Sneider

Update Source: The Tracking Board

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