Cloverfield 3 Trailer, Cast, Plot, Every Update You Need To Know

Cloverfield 3 Station

  • Release Date: April 20, 2018 (Netflix pending)
  • Cast: Daniel Brühl, David Oyelowo, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Zhang Ziyi, Elizabeth Debicki, Chris O’Dowd, John Ortiz, Aksel Henni
  • Director: Julius Onah
  • Writer: Oren Uziel, Doug Jung

Cloverfield 3 Cast Is Led By Daniel Brühl and Elizabeth Debicki

Daniel Bruhl and Elizabeth Debicki and Cloverfield

Cloverfield 3 contains the most star-studded cast of all the Cloverfield movies yet. The film stars Daniel Brühl (Rush, Captain America 3), David Oyelowo (Interstellar, Selma), Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Doctor Who, Beauty and the Best), Zhang Ziyi (Memoirs of a Geisha, The Grandmaster), Elizabeth Debicki (The Great Gatsby, The Night Manager), Chris O’Dowd (Bridesmaids, Molly's Game), John Ortiz (Fast & Furious, American Gangster), and Aksel Hennie (Headhunters, Hercules). Character names and details are currently unknown, but seeing as the film takes place in space, it's safe to presume they all (if not most) are playing astronauts.

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Cloverfield 3's Story Is About A Space Station After The Earth Disappears

Being a Cloverfield movie, let alone a Bad Robot production, a lot of information about Cloverfield 3 is a tightly-held secret (and will remain until release). What is known, however, is that the film follows a crew aboard a space station who see the Earth vanish after a particle accelerator experiment goes awry. Then, "when a space shuttle appears, the space station crew must fight for survival following their horrible discovery."

Since the movie received rewrites during production and is no longer titled God Particle, it's unclear what may have changed in the process (10 Cloverfield Lane differed from original script The Cellar).

Cloverfield 3 May Be Called Cloverfield Station

Cloverfield poster and Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Goodman in 10 Cloverfield Lane

Although it was previously called God ParticleCloverfield 3 is currently untitled. However, a LinkedIn post from a crew member who worked on the film suggests it may be called Cloverfield Station, a reference to the space station at the center of the film's plot. This has since been referenced in the viral marketing and is expected to be confirmed by the trailer.

There Isn't A Cloverfield 3 Trailer Yet

Aside from being compelling thrillers, the Cloverfield franchise is particularly known for having mystery-driven marketing campaigns. The first trailer for Matt Reeves' Cloverfield was shown without warning ahead of Michael Bay's Transformers in 2007 and didn't even feature a title, while 10 Cloverfield Lane's teaser was shown ahead of Bay's 13 Hours and announced the film was coming in just a few months.

There's currently no trailer for Cloverfield 3 (and, unfortunately, this time it will be less of a surprise). Originally, a trailer wasn't expected until Alex Garland's Annihilation hit theaters in February, but new reports suggest Netflix will be revealing Cloverfield 3's first teaser trailer during Super Bowl LII.

There Isn't A Cloverfield 3 Poster Yet

Along with the trailer, no marketing materials for Cloverfield 3 has released as of yet. Until an official title is revealed, moviegoers shouldn't expect to see a poster for the film (though one may debut online with the film's first trailer). Still, that hasn't stopped anxious fans from creating their own fan-made posters online, some in the vein of the original Cloverfield movie and others mimicking 10 Cloverfield Lane's style.

How God Particle Became Cloverfield 3

JJ Abrams Bad Robot's God Particle

As with Dan Trachtenberg's 10 Cloverfield Lane, Julius Onah's Cloverfield 3 didn't start out as a Cloverfield movie; it was originally titled God Particle. Screenwriter Oren Uziel wrote a spec-script about a science experiment going wrong in space some years ago, with Paramount first announced God Particle in 2012. It was only after J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot got involved that the film was later restructured into a Cloverfield movie, perhaps because standalone sci-fi projects don't tend to perform well independently.

God Particle's cast was rounded out in early 2016 and finally entered production on June 10 of that year. Filming wrapped on September 23, 2016, and the project has been in an extra-long state of post-production ever since. It was originally slated to release in February 2017 (approximately one year after 10 Cloverfield Lane), but Paramount Pictures pushed God Particle back to October 2017 and then again to February 2018. It's now slated to release on April 20, 2018, but it's possible that Netflix will snag the film's distribution rights and debut it on their streaming service.

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Cloverfield Is An Anthology, Not A Shared Universe

Cloverfield NYC

Shared universes are all the rage in Hollywood these days, but not every studio is keen on getting in on the trend, but that doesn't mean they aren't interested in skirting the edges. In late 2016, following the release of 10 Cloverfield Lane, it was revealed that Bad Robot was planning a Cloverfield universe. Rather than follow virtually every other studio in developing a shared universe, though, Abrams and Bad Robot want to build a Cloverfield franchise that consists of multiple anthology films befitting certain criteria.

Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Lane are the first movies in the series, with God Particle being the third. And it was recently confirmed, following speculation on Screen Rant's part, that Julius Avery's WWII horror film, Overlord, will be the fourth installment in the newly-formed franchise, which is currently due out in October 2018.

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Cloverfield 3's ARG/Viral Marketing Has Begun

Traditional marketing can do wonders for a new movie, but Bad Robot gives big-wig studios a run for their money by delving into alternate reality games (ARGs) - an interactive game that uses real-world elements to tell a story or to promote a product. In the case of Cloverfield, each film's ARG involves the in-universe company, Tagruato - a Japanese mining company founded in 1945 and has explicit connections to the events of each Cloverfield film.

Cloverfield 3's ARG launched on Cloverfield's 10th anniversary - on January 18, 2018. The viral marketing campaign is now well underway with multiple clues having already engulfed the franchise's fans, and it's only going to get more mind-boggling from here on out.

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Julius Onah Is Directing Cloverfield 3

Nigerian filmmaker Julius Onah is directing God Particle/Cloverfield 3 as part of his Open Continents initiative. He's been making movies since 2002, but Cloverfield 3 is undoubtedly his highest-profile release. He's also known for producing The Girl is in Trouble (pictured above), and he's currently working on the drama Luce, starring Naomi Watts, Octavia Spencer, Tim Roth, and Kelvin Harrison Jr. It's due out some time in 2018.

Oren Uziel & Doug Jung Wrote Cloverfield 3

Jonah Hill & Channing Tatum in 22 Jump Street

God Particle was originally conceived by 22 Jump Street scribe Oren Uziel several years ago. Once the project was picked up by Bad Robot and Paramount Pictures, Doug Jung was recruited to rewrite and spruce up the spec script from Uziel. Jung previously worked with both Paramount and Bad Robot, as well as J.J. Abrams, on 2016's Star Trek Beyond. He's also known for developing the Dark Blue TV series for TNT in 2009/2010.

Is Netflix Acquiring Cloverfield 3?

Netflix emerged from Sundance Film Festival 2018 with little to nothing in hand, but reports indicated that the streaming service was looking into acquiring Cloverfield 3 from Paramount Pictures. Official word hasn't come down from either studio as of yet, but the streaming giant is expected to be making the deal official by showcasing the first trailer for the movie during Super Bowl LII on Sunday, February 4.

Although such an agreement would typically draw skepticism, Netflix recently acquired the global distribution rights to Alex Garland's Annihilation from Paramount, thus setting a precedent for a potential Cloverfield 3 deal, one that would seemingly include domestic distribution as well.

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  • The Cloverfield Paradox/Cloverfield 3 (2018) release date: Feb 04, 2018
  • Overlord (2018) release date: Nov 09, 2018
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